Annual Calendar

Below is the Swimming Waikato Calendar for the 2017 year.

We’re very aware that there have been a number of changes to our Calendar over the last few years as we work towards finalising a calendar format that provides–

  • the right type of competitive opportunities for all our swimmers
  • at the right time of their season

Over the past few months, Swimming Waikato has made the decision to disband its Competitions Panel and pass the responsibility for planning the calendar to a group of our senior Coaches.  The 2017 calendar has been developed with significant input from these coaches and we’re confident that this will ensure better competitive opportunities for our swimmers and greater support of our locally hosted meets.  We’re also confident that this is format will provide consistency in our calendar and our coaches will be able to plan target meets with their swimmers over the next few years.

Meet Levels

One key change is the XLR8 focus for all our swimmers aged 16/U.  Our coaches have identified the importance of ensuring our swimmers do not specialise on one or two strokes too early in their swimming careers, and having an XLR8 focus will ensure our swimmers compete over a broader range of strokes.  Once a swimmer reaches the age of 17, he/she will be encouraged to focus on their key event(s).  The Take Your Marks database is currently being upgraded to allow points for swimmers aged 16/U to be calculated.

The new meet format includes three tiers of club hosted Waikato meets which provide a development pathway for swimmers from their first experience of racing right through to top level competition.

  • Carnival Meets – entry level meets for our junior swimmers.  No officials / no DQ’s / just an opportunity to get a taste for racing.
  • Festival Meets – the first ‘approved’ racing opportunity for our junior swimmers.  Plus an additional competitive opportunity for senior swimmers who are missing that one National qualifying time.  No entry times needed and these meets will provide swimmers with qualifying times to enable them to enter meets where approved times are a requirement.
  • XLR8 Meets – competitive meets for our senior swimmers and our top juniors.

To help explain these levels of meets, we’ve prepared a ‘Competitive Calendar Structure’ document which is attached.  This document provides a summary of each type of meet that appears on our calendar and we’re confident that our coaches and swimmers (and their families) will be able to clearly understand which meets are at the right level for them.

The format of these meets will replace many of the established meets that sit within our Calendar and once you read through the attached documentation, we’re confident that you’ll see the benefit of aligning our club hosted meets with these three levels so that our swimming community can easily understand which meets are relevant for them.