Club Resources

On this page, you’ll find Resources that we have developed / identified to help our Club Volunteers with the important and varied roles they play in our sport.

These roles include coaching our swimmers, administering at swimming meets and acting as committee members for our swimming clubs.

We’d appreciate your feedback on how our Club Toolbox is looking, and what other resources would help make your jobs easier.


We have developed a Strategic Plan template which is available for use by our Swimming Clubs to assist with planning the future direction of the Club.  Included in the template are some key focus areas that also form part of Swimming Waikato’s strategic plan, and are KPI’s that we can work on together to develop swimming in our region.  Any additional Club specific goals can be added to this document.  Please contact if you would like this plan in an editable format.

Strategic Plan Template


Swimming New Zealand has developed a template club constitution which reflects both Swimming New Zealand’s constitution and the new Regional Constitution that Swimming Waikato adopted its August 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Swimming Clubs are not required to use the template, however, for Clubs that have not updated their contitution for some time, Swimming New Zealand recommends that this template is used. It will be particularly useful for Clubs who are looking to become affiliated to Swimming NZ and a Swimming NZ region.

Club Constitution Template


Our Pathway Brochures detail just some of the development opportunities available for our swimmers, coaches, committee members and officials.  These brochures can also be used as an information source for members of your swimming community who have indicated that they are interested in supporting your Club.

Administrators Pathway Brochure
Coaches Pathway Brochure
Officials Pathway Brochure
Swim Teachers Pathway Brochure


If you’ve been assigned the task of acting as Duty Club for a Swimming Waikato meet, we’ve developed some resources that identify some of the key tasks involved. These are available for you to use when you’re planning for the event.

Duty Club Roster 2019
Duty Club Responsibilities- 2018 19
Duty Club Roster 2018


Sometimes it’s hard to get members of your club to volunteer for committee positions.  Often this is because your club members don’t understand what the role requires or what the monthly time commitments are.  We’ve developed some generic Position Descriptions to help you fulfill these important roles –

Club Registrar
Club Meets Organiser
Running a Club Swimming Meet
Communications Officer
Swimming Waikato Team Manager