February 2018

SNZ Meet Updates - Div II and NZSS

A couple of important meet updates from Swimming New Zealand -

2018 Division 2 Championships –
Rotorua Aquatic Centre
18th March - 21st March 2018

The “IM Rule” –  “Swimmers must have achieved a qualifying time in the 100m, 200m or 400m IM to be eligible to enter this meet (They do not need to enter an IM, they only need to meet the qualifying time). Any swimmers that haven’t met this criteria once entries have closed will be removed from the meet.”

After consultation with the Events Advisory Committee and coaches we have decided to suspend this rule immediately pending a review into its intended purpose.

Qualifying times will not change and all swimmers shall only enter qualified events.

2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships.

The venue for this meet has been confirmed as the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie.

The meet will be Short Course (25m)

Dates: September 13th – 16th 2018 (we will be adding a Thursday night session)

More information will be released in March. (Events schedule, qualify times etc)

We're purchasing Backstroke Ledges

We've identified a fantastic Backstroke Ledge product - check out the website here - www.backstrokestartwedge.com

Our Hub Coach, Darren Ward, has used this product extensively overseas and has said it's a fantastic option for backstrokers.  Plus it's built to FINA regulations so we can use them at all our swim meets.

Our plan is to purchase ten of these and seeing they are able to be used with any block, we'll be able to loan them to our Clubs to use at their Club hosted swim meets also.

We'd like to offer our Clubs an opportunity to purchase a backstroke ledge.  Purchasing a ledge for your club would provide your swimmers with an opportunity to train using these ledges and at a cost of NZ$ 510 each, it's a cost effective option.  If you would like to purchase a ledge (or two), please email cherie@swimmingwaikato.co.nz.

Meet Entry Fees for 2018/19

The Board of Swimming Waikato annually reviews its meet entry fees, taking into account both the cost of hosting, and the focus on keeping meets as affordable as possible for our swimmers and their families.

The meet entry fees for the 2018 / 2019 season have been set at -

Meets without prize money / medals:   $8.25 per event

Meets with prize money / medals:  $$9.25


Our new approach to Waikato Championship Meets

As you’ll be aware, we have always applied one ‘age as at’ date for our annual Championship meets.  These meets are –

  • Distance Champs
  • Reverse Distance Champs
  • Junior Champs
  • Senior Champs

The 'age as at date' changes each year to align with the date of our first championship meet of the season and as a result, we have a different group of swimmers who are affected (both positively and negatively) by the changes in the ‘age as at’ date each year.

After much discussion, we have decided that going forward, we will follow the lead from other sports and adopt one date annually as our  ‘age as at’ date for all our championship meets, regardless of when the meets are held.

This will take effect from the start of the 2018/19 swimming season and the date will 31 December.

Apologies to those swimmers who feel they have been unfairly impacted in the past, however, we are confident that having a standardised  ‘age as at’ date will clarify this issue for our swimmers going forward.

Any questions, please just ask.

A tribute to Dawn Davidson

Last week, we lost a very special member of our swimming community.  Dawn Davidson was a long time supporter of swimming in the region, and a Life Member of Swimming Waikato.

We asked another of our life members, Merle Jonson, to share her memories of Dawn ...

"I cannot actually remember when I first crossed paths with Dawn but it would have been at least forty five years ago when we were both young mums with kids in swimming.

Dawn for many years was the learn to swim teacher at Otorohanga where she also coached the various squad levels as well as holding down a full time teaching position at Otorohanga College.  She always had an eye out for someone to assist in the learn to swim area and has tutored many people to join her during the years.

She was a very competent and efficient technical official and spent many hours encouraging others to take part in this very worthwhile experience as well as officiating at Waikato, National and International meets both in our area and around New Zealand.

For many years she was the backbone of the Otorohonga Swimming Club and represented that club well at all Swim Waikato meetings.  Dawn has held many positions on Swim Waikato and has represented Waikato Learn to Swim at a National Level.  She was a Waikato Delegate to New Zealand Swimming meetings on several occasions and was always upfront and forthright in her views.

“Aunty Dawn” as she was affectionately known will be remembered as a very loyal Swim Waikato advocate and participant in all the many aspects of our wonderful sport.

Go well Dawn may you Rest in Peace!"
Merle Jonson
Life Member
Swimming New Zealand