July 2018

Swimming and studying in the Waikato

We’re all very aware of the statistics showing that as swimmers move into tertiary education, they often move away from swimming altogether. That’s a trend that I’m sure we’d collectively like to reverse !

If you're a swimmer looking at University options for 2019, or a coach with swimmers who are leaving school this year and are moving away from their home base, please suggest that they consider the University of Waikato as an option. From a swimming perspective, we’re confident that we can provide great training opportunities for them and if they qualify for our Hub squads, they’ll be eligible for additional development opportunities as well.

In addition, the University offers a number of scholarships that could be of interest.  One of the key scholarships is the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship which offers significant support to recipients. You can find out more information about the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship here.  Applications close on the 31st of August 2018.

Check out the brochure we've prepared that provides additional information about swimming in the Waikato and if you have any questions, please just ask!

2018 Caro Cup Teams

The 2018 Caro Cup Relay Challenge with Swimming Auckland is taking place on Sunday 19 August 2018. This year, it's being hosted at the Te Awamutu Events Centre and we're looking forward to seeing our 96 strong Waikato Team, all decked out in their team gear, taking on our northern neighbours.

Congratulations to all those selected for the teams - you can check out the full team list here. You can see the full meet programme below also.

A tribute to JJ Cole

Today we were saddened to hear of the passing of Jim Cole, a Life Member of Swimming Waikato.

Jim’s association with swimming in the Waikato began at Te Kuiti Club where he was Head Coach for several years before moving to Hamilton in the late 1960’s where he joined the now defunct Hamilton Club. During this time his family were all involved at club, centre and national levels and Jim began a long career in officiating.   He was also a leader in the move to alter the former Municipal Pools from a 33 1/3 yard pool with diving boards at the deep end to a 25 metre length and making it more cost effective by changing the depth from six feet to 3 feet.   Jim was a well respected Life Member of Hamilton Club.

He became a stalwart of the officiating scene both here in the Waikato and Nationally.  Jim acted as a Technical Official at many international meets around the world including Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacifics.

For many years he was a member of the New Zealand Technical Committee and was a leading examiner during this time.  He was part of a team which encouraged a high level of performance and comportment from all officials at all meets no matter what level.

Our thoughts are with Jim's family and friends at this sad time.

2018 Annual General Meeting Notice

The details of our 2018 Annual General Meeting are –

Sunday 26 August 2018
Te Awamutu Events Centre
3 Selwyn Lane
TE AWAMUTU (immediately following the Matamata XLR8 Meet)

As detailed in our Constitution, all our Member Clubs are eligible to be represented at this meeting, either as an observer or as the representative authorised to vote on behalf of the Club.  The number of votes held by each Member Club is equal to the number of 'members' recorded in the database on the last day of the financial year immediately preceding the meeting date (ie. 30 June 2018).  That’s one of the reasons why it’s important that we get our membership numbers accurate in the database before the rollover each year.    For voting purposes, 'members' refers to -

-  Competitive swimmers
-  Coaches (both professional and volunteer)
-  Regionally or higher qualified inspectors of turns officials and nationally or higher qualified time keepers
-  Swimming NZ Life Members
-  Swimming Waikato Life Members

We are still waiting on Swimming New Zealand to confirm our membership numbers as at 30 June 2018 and we will share this information as soon as it is received.

To have a quorum at our AGM, we require Club Representatives from not less than 50% of the total members or, if post, email or electronic voting applies, at least 50% of the total votes are cast.  Please note that proxy votes are not permitted.  Please let us know, by the end of July 2018, if you will have a club representative at our meeting so we can confirm, prior to the AGM, that we will have a quorum present - cherie@swimmingwaikato.co.nz

Section 7.4 of our Constitution requires our Member Clubs to provide us with the following, at least two weeks prior to our AGM –

  • a copy of its Annual Report and/or
  • a copy of its annual financial statements as approved by its members at a general meeting of the club
  • the names and contact details of the person(s) with the authority to vote on behalf of the Club at the AGM of Swimming Waikato
  • the names and contact details of the club’s officers

Please ensure that we receive this information from you prior to the 10th of August 2019.

The Constitution also requires us to give written notice to our Members Clubs calling for nominations for Board Members and below is the nomination form for this purpose.  Please note that based on our Constitution, our two longest serving Board members, Julie Richards and Alison Fitch, are required to stand down at the AGM, and both have confirmed their intention to re-stand for the Board.

Our AGM is also a fantastic opportunity for us to provide our Clubs with an update so we’d love it if you could join us on the 26th.

2018 Kick Start Camp

Hopefully you have all seen our Coach Development Pathway which was circulated to our Clubs earlier this year (copy attached).  The Pathway is available for all our Coaches who have achieved their Teacher of Competitive Strokes (TOCs)  qualification and one of the key development opportunities for our TOCs Coaches is the opportunity to attend our Kick Start Camp which is taking place on 12 to 14 October 2018 – check out the attached flyer for more details.

This camp replaces the SportsForce Camp that Chris Jolly used to deliver to our rural / summer only clubs, except we’re taking it one step further.  Led by our Hub Head Coach, Darren Ward, the camp is available for any Coach who has achieved the TOCs qualification and provides an opportunity for our coaches, and a group of their swimmers, to ‘kick start’ the season with a live in camp which will deliver –

  • education and info sharing sessions for the coaches
  • technique sessions for the swimmers (who will be nominated to attend by their club coaches)
  • an opportunity to attend the Hillcrest Festival meet on Sunday the 14th of October

Seeing this is the first year of our Coach Development Pathway, and we’re aware that it was introduced when many of our summer only clubs were out of the water, we are happy to facilitate the delivery of a TOCs course during the camp weekend.  The TOCs course is delivered by Swimming New Zealand and there is a cost per coach of $200 (+ GST).  The course details are attached for your information.  Please note that Coaches who do not have their TOCs qualification, and are not interested in gaining this qualification during the camp, will not be able to attend.  Swimmers will not be able to attend unless there is at least one coach from their club taking part.

If you have any questions about this Coach and swimmer development opportunity, or to book your space on the camp, please contact cherie@swimmingwaikato.co.nz