June 2017

2017 Awards Evening

Our 2017 Awards Evening is taking place on Friday 28 July 2017.

This year, we’re changing the venue and the format –

  • We’re focussing on celebrating swimming through the presentation of our Awards and the acknowledgement of great performances,
  • And we’re providing an opportunity for our swimmers to spend some time together (away from pool deck) and for their families to mix and mingle with other members of our Waikato swimming community.

We’re hosting the Awards at Agora Café which is in Kent Street, Frankton.  It’s a community based café and as such, we feel it’s a great venue for us to celebrate with our swimming community.  Agora has awesome facilities and absolutely fabulous food so we’re confident it’ll be a great night!  There is plenty of free parking across the road also.

The Awards Evening will take place from 6.00pm and finish about 10.00pm.  Once we’ve presented the Awards, there will be the opportunity for the adults to mix and mingle over drinks (which will be available to purchase) and some substantial and delicious finger food.  Our swimmers will have the opportunity to spend some time together over a menu designed especially for them !  And there’s nothing like an ice cream bar to finish of the evening!

Another change is that we have introduced a small ticket charge for our Award Recipients and you’ll find the rationale for this below.

Below you'll find the full list of swimmers who will be recognised for their fantastic achievements in the water - we'll be sending personal invitations to these swimmers next week.

In addition, we'll be offering a offer a complementary ticket to the Coaches in our clubs who are working with competitive swimmers and a complementary ticket to each of our clubs as a way to thank them for their support of Swimming Waikato.

Our Technical Officials, who qualify for recognition under our Scholarship Policy, will also be recipients of a complementary ticket.

Obviously, we’d like to host as many of our swimming community as would like to come along because everyone involved in swimming in the Waikato has something to celebrate.  All Swimming Waikato members are able to purchase a subsidised ticket at a cost $40 each.

Selection Criteria for Award Recipients -

The list of Award Recipients is based on our updated Scholarship criteria (which you'll find below).

Swimming Waikato has traditionally paid financial scholarships to swimmers, coaches and officials, based on criteria that has changed a number of times over recent years.  As an example of the cost of this scholarship programme, $19,000 was paid out to a total of 45 recipients in 2016.   This excludes the free and subsidised tickets for our Awards Dinner which were received by approximately 230 swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents, siblings and supporters who celebrated with us in 2016.

With the introduction of our Regional Swimming Hub, the Board of Swimming Waikato has made the decision to significantly reduce the number and value of scholarships paid and instead, invest these funds into the Regional Swimming Hub programme.  We believe that over the next few years, and with going engagement from our coaches and clubs, we will be able to provide support to our entire membership through coach development opportunities, the implementation of new initiatives and programmes to support swimmer development, and an excellent competitive calendar format.  The updated Scholarship Summary is attached.

What this means for our Awards dinner is that we’ll be asking our Award Recipients to make a small contribution to the cost of their tickets.  We have set this amount at $15.00 per swimmer.  Tickets for family members and other members of our Swimming Community are $40.00 and Swimming Waikato will  continue to subsidise a portion of these tickets also.

And please, if you are listed as an Award Recipient, email to confirm that you (and your family) would like to attend.

Waikato Relay Meet

We've been discussing (with a group of our senior Coaches) the concept of introducing a Waikato Relay Meet to our annual calendar.  It's an opportunity for our swimmers to focus on swimming for club pride and it provides an opportunity for one of our clubs to be officially recognised as the Top Relay Club.

In 2017, this meet is scheduled for Sunday the 27th of August (immediately following our AGM).

In addition to the sheer fun of swimming relays, this meet also gives us the opportunity to ensure that all our current relay trophies are contested by as many of our clubs as possible.

We're very aware that many of our Clubs are out of the water during the winter months, so we're happy to accept 'Secondary Hub' relay teams - there is more detail on this concept included in the attached flyer.

No doubt your coaches will be in touch soon to finalise team entries.

A David Galbraith Workshop

Lots of you heard him speak at our 2016 Swimming Waikato Awards Dinner, and now David Galbraith is delivering a workshop here in the Waikato.

The topic is "Unleash Your Greatness as a Cool Human and A Successful Athlete" and David describes the content as unique, raw, challenging, inspiration and life changing.

The workshop is being held at the Waikato Stadium on Sunday the 25th of June.

It's targeted at Parents, Athletes and Coaches (or anyone wanting to unleash their greatness !!!)

Sound like you?  See the flyer below for details about how you can secure a place ...

Selection Criteria for our Waikato Combined Training Squads

As part of our Regional Swimming Hub programme, we are working with our Coaches to deliver additional combined squad training opportunities for identified swimmers.

Although we will continue to reassess this selection criteria, as our swimming programmes develop, we wanted to share this criteria with you (you'll find it below).

It's important to us that every one of our swimmers realise that the selection for these squads is always open - once a swimmer achieves the selection criteria, they have the opportunity to be added to that squad.  We'll be able to measure how effective our programme is by the increase in swimmers qualifying for these squads.

Also below you can find lists of all the swimmers who are currently part of our squads.  Please note that a number of our swimmers have qualified for more than one squad.  Where this is the case, they are included only in the squad that provides the best development opportunity for them.  This is determined by Swimming Waikato's Hub Head Coach.

We've updated our Records Policy

With swimmers taking part in electronic meets, manual meets, meets in our region and meets spread throughout the country, we needed to update our Records Policy to ensure that we are able to capture all the Record breaking swims by our members.

You'll find the updated Records Policy below, along with the form that needs to be completed if a record is broken at a meet using manual timing. Please make sure you're familiar with this Policy so that it's easy for us to celebrate outstanding achievements by our swimmers.