2nd 12/U Relay Comp

The 2nd of three 12/U Relay Competitions was held at St Peter’s School on Sunday the 17th of May.

14 teams took part in what was a great few hours of racing in a format that is fun and builds a great team culture.  It gave many of the young swimmers taking part the opportunity to race in an event and over a distance that they have never done before and by removing the individual competitive focus, they were able to do so with a positive mindset.

The results of the 2nd 12/U Relay Competition were –


1st:  Team G: Ace Swimming Club – Gina McCarthy, Liana Van Schalkwyk, Ella Candy and Kiera Wallis
2nd:  St Peter’s 1 – Megan Blackwood, Eve McCormack, Holly Isaac and Lucy Thomas
3rd:  St Peter’s 2 – Kaitlyn Heaslip, Rylee Britton, Anna Smith and Savanna Bourke


1st:  St Pauls A – Ryan Stokes, Ciaran Watson, Morgan Gardiner and Brydon Harvey
2nd:  St Peters 3 – Jack Read, Caleb Thomas, William Crofskey, Hunter Read and Mat Peacock
3rd:  Team M: Ace Swimming Club – Matt Dawbin, Haydn Leeming, Kurtis McCazrthy and Taniko Shane