Pathway Squad – Males

A few months ago, we launched a Pathway Squad for identified female swimmers born in 2003, 2004 and 2005.  That group has had three combined squad sessions and are really enjoying the challenges of being part of this programme.

The next step for us was to identify a Pathway Squad for our male swimmers and this group has been selected from swimmers born in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

As a bit of background, the purpose of this Pathway Squad is to ensure sustainability within the sport in the Waikato through to 2020 and beyond.

The Objective –

Identifying groups of young swimmers who are demonstrating a high level of skill in the 4 competitive strokes or who are starting to show exceptional skills in a particular stroke and who have demonstrated that they are competing on a regular basis in regional competitions.

It is intended that the ‘Growth Mindset’ concept will be integrated into this Pathway Programme.  Success in swimming is a long journey and it is only through hard work, commitment and patience, while the process of physical and psychological development takes place, that success is achieved.

Outcomes –

Regular one day coaching sessions will be designed to develop a strong team culture, provide tracking, evaluation of skill development and monitoring of physical competencies each year. In addition, the work in the pool will be backed up by a programme that will offer stimulating and challenging activities which will be aimed at retaining this group of male swimmers in the sport.

Parents will be offered educational workshops each year that will address important stages of the swimmers development along the pathway, nutrition, training expectations, psychology etc.

Selection –

The selection into this Male Pathway Squad will always remain open and will be added to through to 2020, as the group matures, as 14, 15 and 16 year olds.

Application can be made to the Hub Head Coach to observe a swimmer not in the squad at any LC competition throughout subsequent years for selection consideration.

Swimmers can also be removed from the group if, in subsequent years, their commitment to training and other requirements does not keep up with a standard (FINA Points / times, poor skill development) that is expected of a swimmer of their age.

Congratulations to the swimmers who are part of the initial squad selection –

Aneurin Linton Te Awamutu Swimming Club
Ash Wainui – Mackle Ace Swimming Club
Ben Littlejohn St Pauls Swimming Club
Ben Stillborn Te Awamutu Swimming Club
Caleb Parsons Ace Swimming Club
Caleb Thomas St Peters Swimming Club
Callum Fulton Thames Swimming Club
Carlos Hardie Ace Swimming Club
Ciaran Watson St Pauls Swimming Club
Dominic Fawkner Ace Swimming Club
Flynn Cameron Fairfield Swimming Club
Hamish Kennedy Fairfield Swimming Club
Jack Bruning Huntly Swimming Club
Jack Lees Thames Swimming Club
James Bilton St Peters Swimming Club
James-Hardy Rominpandey Fairfield Swimming Club
Jaxyn Mihaka Fairfield Swimming Club
Jeremy Doig Te Awamutu Swimming Club
Reid McDowell Thames Swimming Club
Ryan Stokes St Pauls Swimming Club
Sam Ratima St Pauls Swimming Club
Thomas Griffin St Pauls Swimming Club
Tyler Tapper St Peters Swimming Club
William Crofskey St Peters Swimming Club