Selection Criteria for our Waikato Combined Training Squads

As part of our Regional Swimming Hub programme, we are working with our Coaches to deliver additional combined squad training opportunities for identified swimmers.

Although we will continue to reassess this selection criteria, as our swimming programmes develop, we wanted to share this criteria with you (you’ll find it below).

It’s important to us that every one of our swimmers realise that the selection for these squads is always open – once a swimmer achieves the selection criteria, they have the opportunity to be added to that squad.  We’ll be able to measure how effective our programme is by the increase in swimmers qualifying for these squads.

Also below you can find lists of all the swimmers who are currently part of our squads.  Please note that a number of our swimmers have qualified for more than one squad.  Where this is the case, they are included only in the squad that provides the best development opportunity for them.  This is determined by Swimming Waikato’s Hub Head Coach.