Waikato Relay Meet

We’ve been discussing (with a group of our senior Coaches) the concept of introducing a Waikato Relay Meet to our annual calendar. ┬áIt’s an opportunity for our swimmers to focus on swimming for club pride and it provides an opportunity for one of our clubs to be officially recognised as the Top Relay Club.

In 2017, this meet is scheduled for Sunday the 27th of August (immediately following our AGM).

In addition to the sheer fun of swimming relays, this meet also gives us the opportunity to ensure that all our current relay trophies are contested by as many of our clubs as possible.

We’re very aware that many of our Clubs are out of the water during the winter months, so we’re happy to accept ‘Secondary Hub’ relay teams – there is more detail on this concept included in the attached flyer.

No doubt your coaches will be in touch soon to finalise team entries.