Hi from Darren Ward, our new Hub Coach

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all and to express my eagerness to take up the role of Swimming Waikato’s Hub Coach in early 2018.

There are a number of factors that attracted me to Swimming Waikato – one being the enthusiasm of those who, along with Clive and Cherie, decided to challenge the norm and to take a chance on a new concept. I have been encouraged by the Hub, its vision for the future and the long-term planning to make these visions a reality. It is, for this reason, I believe the Hub can match my own ambitions and drive.

I have every confidence that the region has the talent pool and resources to produce exciting waves of competitive swimmers, these athletes should be expected to challenge themselves and their competitors on the Worlds biggest stages. It will require an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, resilience, and self-belief on the part of Swimming Waikato, individual club management, club coaches, parents, and of course the swimmers themselves, to reach these ends.

Swimming is a discipline that brings multiple benefits to those that participate, many of whom wish to remain non-competitive. The beauty of a swimming pathway is that it should combine the goals of each participant and as such it will be my goal to ensure we promote and support the goals of all swimmers, regardless of ability, age or sex.

From now until January, I will continue as I have been to liaise with both Clive and Cherie in order to be up to date with the all the appropriate updates. I have also passed on my details to all club coaches to discuss any matters that they wish to raise, a thank you to all those who coaches who have already been in touch.

I look forward to working alongside the individual clubs, coaches swimmers and all stakeholders in the new year. Until then I hope the remainder of 2017 is productive and that your days are warmer and drier than mine here in Scotland.

Best wishes
Darren Ward