Waterworld Upgrade

No doubt you’ve seen in the newspaper and on social media that the Hamilton City Council have approved a significant redevelopment at Hamilton’s Waterworld.

A big part of the redevelopment will be the upgrade of the air filtration system, the network of pipes which support the pool operation, and the installation of new acoustic tiles.  What this all means from a swimming perspective is cleaner air, less noise, flash new floor coverings, new racing blocks and a deeper pool (1.4m at each end and 1.55m in the middle).  This is fantastic news for swimming in the region and although we will all experience some inconvenience while the pool is closed, we’ll end up with a quality competition pool with some of the best spectator seating in the country.

At this stage, we expect the pool to be closed from 1 February for a period 5-6 months (to be confirmed).  We’ll keep you up to date as this project progresses.