We need more Technical Officials

We’re on the hunt again – there’s no other way to say it, we need more Technical Officials.

As our swimmers progress through the different stages of our swim meets, they become more and more focussed on swimming personal best  times and qualifying for target meets.  And our Technical officials play a key role in supporting this swimming pathway.  Without the required number of Technical Officials on pool deck for our Festival, XLR8 and Regional meets, the meets won’t be approved and our swimmers won’t be able to use those swims as qualifying times.  That’s why we’re always asking for more technical officials – so we have the opportunity to develop our current group of officials, and train a whole bunch of new ones.  It means our swim meets will be approved by Swimming New Zealand, and our swimmers will get to celebrate their swimming goals.  Currently, we have 38 qualified Technical Officials which means we need most of them to attend every swim meet that we host.  It’s a huge ask, particularly as many of them no longer have swimmers involved in our sport.  If we can grow our base of Technical Officials, we can spread the load across all the meets that are hosted in the Waikato each year.

What we need is for each Club to have a minimum of one technical official for every four competitive swimmers.  It sounds a lot – but in reality, it means we can rotate officials during our two day swim meets, give our officials a break during meets, and even give them weekends off !   So please – as a swimming parent, consider joining our family of Technical Officials and help us deliver quality swimming opportunities to our members.  We provide all the training (and a flash Waikato shirt) – all we need from you is an email to say you’re keen, and we’ll get your training underway.

Click HERE for more information about our Technical Officials.