Swimming and studying in the Waikato

We’re all very aware of the statistics showing that as swimmers move into tertiary education, they often move away from swimming altogether. That’s a trend that I’m sure we’d collectively like to reverse !

If you’re a swimmer looking at University options for 2019, or a coach with swimmers who are leaving school this year and are moving away from their home base, please suggest that they consider the University of Waikato as an option. From a swimming perspective, we’re confident that we can provide great training opportunities for them and if they qualify for our Hub squads, they’ll be eligible for additional development opportunities as well.

In addition, the University offers a number of scholarships that could be of interest.  One of the key scholarships is the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship which offers significant support to recipients. You can find out more information about the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship here.  Applications close on the 31st of August 2018.

Check out the brochure we’ve prepared that provides additional information about swimming in the Waikato and if you have any questions, please just ask!