Capturing our Club Memoirs

Swimming is a sport that’s been around in New Zealand for a long long time.  It dates back to the 1890’s when the first Amateur Swimming Association of New Zealand was formed, an organisation that is now called Swimming New Zealand,  In the 114 years since then, the sport has grown to encompass 165 affiliated clubs and 19,028 registered members nationwide.

In the Waikato, our knowledge of our swimming history is a little hazy.  An old 75th jubilee booklet confirms that the Hamilton Swimming Club was established 1890 and you can scroll through their jubilee booklet below for some great insights into the early days of the club.

We’d like to capture as much of the histories of our clubs as we can, in the form of memories shared with us by people who have been involved in the clubs over the years.

And to do this, we need your help.

We need you to spread the word to everyone you know who has had some involvement in swimming in the Waikato and ask them (or you) to send through a favourite memory, and a photo if possible.  Nothing too long, just a date, and an insightful, interesting, even funny memory that was significant enough to have stayed in your mind.

We’ll collate all this information, in a timeline Memoir for each club, one which we’ll be able to continue adding to as more stories come to hand.

We’re ready to go whenever you are so please, start sending these memories through today !