More blether from our resident Weegie

Since my arrival in January I have had the opportunity to survey the Swimming Waikato landscape and there is a lot to be pleased with, a great deal of this comes down to the hard work of a vast number of those involved with the Swimming Waikato movement.

In saying this, we are at still at the very beginning of our exciting journey and one that will no doubt have many twists and turns ahead. The very existence and progression of the Hub relies on the collective energy from all those with a vested interest in the sport of swimming here in the Waikato.

It has been my privilege getting to know the swimmers, coaches, technical officials, parents, volunteers, sponsors and all stakeholders that fundamentally makes swimming in the Waikato what it is.

I truly believe we have the competitive edge here in the Waikato and that we are moving in the right direction, but we must continue to dream big and to have faith in ourselves and our abilities to create something truly different and ultimately better than ever before.

On Friday night, I attended my first Swimming Waikato Awards Evening. I want to congratulate all the award recipients, as well as those who were not formally recognised but have given their best effort over the past year, success comes in many different forms.

If you will permit me a little Scottish indulgence here with a famous quote from a Scottish explorer named David Livingstone:

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.