Our 2019 Competitive Calendar

Below you’ll find our 2019 Swimming Waikato Calendar.

Pulling this together has been some task – juggling our club hosted meets, development programmes, regional meets, out of region meets, zonal meets and national championship meets !!  Thanks to our senior coaching group for their input into this.

The good news is it’s all come together and when you have a look, you’ll see we’ve got a pretty full year of swimming ahead !

While the calendar is based largely on this year, there are a few things I’d like to make you aware of–

  • Our Swimming Waikato Relay Championships are being held in February 2019.  This is to give our summer only clubs the opportunity to take part, ensuring that those swimmers have plenty of time in the water before they join the rest of the region for this event.  We’ll circulate the flyer in a few months’ time.
  • Our Caro Cup meet has been moved to November.  A key reason for this change is to ensure the date doesn’t clash with other winter sporting codes.  In addition, we’re introducing a ‘Bruce Whinnery Inter District Challenge’.  The exact format for this is still to be finalised but it’s a dual meet challenge against Auckland for our senior swimmers (aged 14+) and provides a great pathway for our swimmers as they grow out of the Caro Cup format.  Being held on the same day means we can expect a lot of vocal support for all the swimmers as they compete for regional pride.
  • You’ll also see that the 2019 New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs is being held in Hamilton so we’re expecting in excess of 600 swimmers checking out our newly renovated pool.
  • From a swimmer development perspective, the calendar includes the camps for swimmers who have qualified for our 2019 squads, plus our 2019 Kick Start Camp and clinics for our XLR8 Club members who have achieved 2,500+ points.  These activities all provide coach development opportunities also.
  • From a club perspective, and because of how congested the calendar is, it’s not possible to make significant changes to the date of your club hosted meet.  If you’d like to change your club meet from a Saturday to a Sunday, or vice versa, please let me know.  Or if you’d like to swap meets with another club on the calendar, please also let me know.
  • Attached is the 2019 Duty Club Roster for your info, along with an outline of the Duty Club responsibilities.
  • To help simplify the types of meets on the calendar, I’ve attached a summary document which many of you will have seen previously.  It clarifies which level of swimmer each of our types of meets are best suited for.

Any questions, please ask.