Affiliation Fee Increase for the 2019 / 2020 Swimming Year

Annually in about September, we review and set our Affiliation Fees for the following swimming year.  In this case, we’re referring to the period starting 1 July 2019 (nine months away).  We do this in plenty of time to ensure our membership are fully aware of any fee increases well before they are implemented.

Whilst we have been able to hold our affiliation fees at the same level for the current year (starting 1 July 2018), there will be a small increase in fees for the 12 months starting 1 July 2019.  The increases are noted below –

Recreational Swimmers:                $  0.00 pa to $  5.00 pa
Learn to Swim:                                 $  3.50 pa to $  5.00 pa
Club:                                                   $20.00 pa to $22.00 pa
Competitive:                                     $34.00 pa to $35.00 pa

Although small, these increases provide valuable financial support to assist with our administrative costs, allowing us to focusing on delivering the programmes and initiatives that make up our Regional Swimming Hub programme.

If you have any questions about these increases, please don’t hesitate to ask.