Meet Entry Fees

In line with our Board Work Plan, we are required to annually review the cost of meet entries for our Swimming Waikato hosted swim meets and this was carried out at our 26 September 2018 Board Meeting.

From 1 January 2019, there will be a small increase to meet entry fees and these increases are detailed below –

Non-championship Meets:          Increase from $8.50 per event to $9.00 per event
Championship Meets:                    Increase from $9.25 per event to $9.75 per event

The increase of 0.50c per entry will be re-invested back into our Regional Swimming Hub programme to ensure that all our membership have the opportunity to benefit from the grassroots initiatives, the education opportunities, the forums, the competitive opportunities and the camps and trips – all which form part of our Swimming Hub programme.  If you’re not familiar with our Regional Swimming Hub programme, below is a brochure which we use extensively to update interested parties on what we are delivering.  We thought it might be interesting for you to have a read through this too.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at lots of our meets over the summer period and we’re especially excited about welcoming you onto pool deck at the newly renovated Waterworld in just a few months time!