2019 Waikato Regional Squads Announced

On behalf of Swimming Waikato I’d like to congratulate all swimmers that have qualified onto the 2019 Waikato Regional Squads.
A full list of the Squads was made available on our social media accounts at the weekend and posted at the Waikato Hit Out Meet.

It was great to see so many applications being sent through, a very telling sign that we have plenty of swimmers who are willing to act on their own initiative and actively seek ways to better themselves.

I appreciate many of you will have some questions around how we will operate the squads from now until December, so to help I have put together a 2019 Regional Squad Information Handbook. The handbook should provide you with an overview of the year for whichever squad you have been selected for and some additional information also.

I will also be inviting you all, parents included, to attend a Regional Squad Information Evening which will be an opportunity to discuss the squads and an opportunity to raise any questions.

As always, we will endeavour to update you all on as much as we can, as early as we can around travel dates, costs and camps etc. There will also be emails around proposed fund-raising opportunities which will be able to complement any individual or club fund-raising that is being planned.

In the next few weeks I will be conducting IPP Talks with all swimmers in Potential and TAPS Squads, this will be arranged with the home coaches in the next few days.

I’m proud of the effort from everyone involved in the 2018 Regional Squads, we had a great group of swimmers, coaches and volunteers who helped make such a huge success of our many camps and of the Queensland Championships campaign.  2018 is now in the past and we now look towards an exciting 2019, a year which I hope will see the Region once again making more giant leaps forward.

Darren Ward,
Regional Hub Head Coach