Our first Potential and Pathway Camp

It was great to see so many of the Pathway and Potential Squad Swimmers at their first camp of 2019, hosted at St Peter’s School on the 6th and 7th of April.

For many swimmers, this was their first time on the Regional Squad Pathway and it was a pleasure to meet them all and to welcome them into the Regional Squad set-up.

The main theme of the camp was ‘Bridging the Gap’, how we as a region develop our swimmers to match and exceed the top swimming nations.

A lofty undertaking you may think but in reality, it’s just about making small changes day to day, focusing on the margins – the 1%. The camp detailed a number of these marginal gains, the main one that all our swimmers across all our clubs should focus on is improving our technical skillset.

Another key part of the camp was to identify Squad goals and although these are confidential to the swimmers in each squad, we’re excited to share “The Waikato Way” – the six key ‘non-negotiables’ that were identified as something our swimmers needed to keep front of mind at all times –

  • Together we hit all turns at speed
  • Together we avoid taking a breath on the last stroke into the wall
  • Together we avoid breathing on the first stroke off the wall
  • Together we make the most of every single stroke
  • Together we hold a tight streamline off the wall
  • Together we keep focus throughout the session

We would like to thank the fantastic team of Regional Squad Coaches who gave up their time prior to and during the camp to help support the ambitions of the Regional Squads and of the individual swimmers.

The Coaching group (below) have a phenomenal background and experience in the sport of swimming and it was, as always, a pleasure sharing the pool deck with them.

Alison Fitch (St Peter’s)
Graham Smith (St Paul’s)

Ross Fisher (St Paul’s)
Libby Gray (Thames)
Helen Barr (St Peter’s)

Also Clive Power (former Regional Head Coach) and Barrie Jennings – Regional Strength and Conditioning Coach.

We would also like to thank Philip Maultsaid and the St Peter’s parents for their help preparing the Sunday BBQ for the swimmers and coaches to enjoy post session.  Your support is greatly appreciated and another reason why we have a lot to be thankful for in the Waikato!

Lastly, a thank you to the swimmers who put in a great shift over the weekend and provided some really positive energy.  We hope that you managed to pick up some valuable information to take back to your home programs and that this feedback will not only benefit you but your teammates also. Turning those bad habits around can take time, be patient and willing to change.