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March 2017

Our updated Vision

As part of our annual review of our Strategic Plan, we decided it was time to update our Vision, Mission and Goals.  Our aim was to create something that was inspirational to both the Swimming Waikato Team, and our entire swimming community.

We hope you like what we've come up with - would love to hear your feedback.

WHAT                  Swimming For Life

WHY                    It's about growing a lifelong involvement in swimming within the Waikato Region


We INNOVATE - we’re brave enough to challenge the way swimming has been delivered in the past and make a change

We COLLABORATE - like all successful teams, we have a common goal and we’re excited about working together to deliver this

We CELEBRATE - we understand that success isn’t just about winning and we celebrate achievement at all levels


The water is our special place.  It’s a place that makes us fit and strong, it’s a place where we join with friends, and it’s a place where we can innovate, collaborate and celebrate together.

At Swimming Waikato, we work alongside our 23 swimming clubs to deliver quality programmes, events and development opportunities.  And we’re seeing positive outcomes - we’re growing swimming in our region and creating opportunities for our members and our wider community to achieve and celebrate their swimming goals, no matter what they may be.

Here's the Waikato Team for NZ Opens

Just under two weeks until the 2017 Swimming New Zealand Open Championships kick off in Auckland and we'd like to wish our Waikato Team all the very best of luck for that pinnacle event.  You can see the full Waikato team list below ...

Vincent Bubbert Ace Swimming Club
Danyon Hardie Ace Swimming Club
Isabelle Paton Ace Swimming Club
Katlyn Steedman Ace Swimming Club
Charlize Tordoff Ace Swimming Club
Melissa Donoghue Cambridge Swimming Club
Bradlee Ashby Fairfield Swimming Club
Claudia Ashby Fairfield Swimming Club
Andrew Jeffcoat Fairfield Swimming Club
Sophie Lewis Fairfield Swimming Club
Jesse Reynolds Fairfield Swimming Club
Georgina McCarthy Hillcrest Swim Club
Matthew Hyde Matamata Swim Club
Matthew Stanley Matamata Swim Club
Ethan Sionepulu St Paul's Swimming Club
Daniel Caldwell St Peter's Swimming Club
Paige Flynn St Peter's Swimming Club
Holly Isaac St Peter's Swimming Club
Luke Mitchell St Peter's Swimming Club
Samuel Perry St Peter's Swimming Club
Thomas Raymond St Peter's Swimming Club
Cameron Stanley St Peter's Swimming Club
Nikita Howarth Te Awamutu Swim Club
Vanessa Ouwehand Te Awamutu Swim Club
Maxwell Stubbs Te Awamutu Swim Club


NAGs - updates from our on-the-ground reporter, Kieran McCarthy

FINALS SESSION - Saturday 25 March 2017 - 

400 free for girls was the first up, the 14 year old girls saw Gina McCarthy and Sarah Miller line up against the all conquering Paris Cutler.  Cutler who had won all the other freestyle distances made it a clean sweep with McCarthy second in a much improved swim from her morning effort.  Miller was 5th in another much improved swim. In the 15 year old final, Peyton Tofaeono and Kaitlyn Sosa were the Waikato interests in the race. Sosa showed great fight on the last evening to secure bronze in 4:35.71.  Tofaeono followed the rest of the field in placing 10th.  In the senior girls A final Claudia Ashby steamed home with a 5.10 improvement over her morning swim placing just outside the medals.

With no swimmers in the junior division the attention turned to the 200IM boys B final.  Andrew Jeffcoat and Danyon Hardie swam well with Jeffcoat going 1.83s under his morning effort.  Hardie was however swimming for the chance to secure an outright bronze which he secured with a 2:15.27 swim. In the girls Gina McCarthy and Sarah Miller had a quick turnaround to swim for the 14 year old 200IM final.  In a pulsating race which saw the lead change three times McCarthy hit the lead during the backstroke and held it until the end of the breaststroke, howeve,r Brearna Crawford managed to haul in McCarthy in the last few metres. Miller swam well and faster than her morning time to finish 5th. Grace Soo Choon placed 19th in the B final.

The 50 back for the boys was highlighted by Andrew Jeffcoat's swim int he A final with Andrew securing silver swimming 27.64 to be more than a second faster than third. In the girls Charlize Tordoff was first up in the 12-13 final. Tordoff will receive her certificate for her top 10 finish swimming 33.85

In the final individual swims of the meet Ace swimmers Danyon Hardie and Vincent Bubbert and St Peter's freestyle guru Thomas Raymond were lined up in the C final.  All the men swum under their morning times but it was Hardie who took the honours.

Finally the club medley relays were decided. St Peter's were the best finishers in the 15 and under girls for Waikato with 9th, Ace took the 16 and over honours in 8th and in the senior boys, St. Peter's edged Ace for 9th.

Congratulations to all the swimmers this week you have made your clubs and your province proud.

FINALS SESSION - Thursday 23 March 2017 -

The finals for day three opened with the boys 400 IM.  In the 12-13 final, Carlos Hardie (Ace) clawed back over 5s to record a 5:34.29 and 8th in the final.  Tyler Tapper and Ryan Stokes both bettered their morning times to place 8th and 9th respectively and should both be proud of their efforts in what was a very quick final.  In the 15 year old final, the Waikato trio of Sam Ratima, Corey Hirst and Thomas Griffin finished in that order 7th to 9th. Corey won the Mr Consistency award for matching exactly his time from this morning. Max Stubbs and Danyon Hardie were over this mornings time in the 16-18 division but Luke Mitchell lowered his AM swim by 5.95s.

The sprint component of the evening was provided by the 50 fly.  Sarah Miller with her 31.27 came in 9th in the 14 year old girls. Peyton Tofaeono went under the 30 mark to grab 7th in the 15 year old girls final.  The highlight however was the 28:00 flat effort from Vanessa Ouwehand who finally returned Waikato to the top of the dais with her gold medal performance in the 17-18 year old division.  While not quite matching her Waikato 17 year old record breaking swim from this morning, Vanessa cut an awesome figure as she powered down the pool tonight.  Katlyn Steedman was incredibly consistent as she was within 0.02 of her morning time. Amber Booth can also be pleased with her efforts, going under the 30 second mark this evening.  Vincent Bubbert also lowered his time from this morning, swimming 26.87.

The 100 breaststroke followed the organised chaos of the 50s, however the action continued for Waikato.  Sarah Wilson pulled into the wall with a 1:18.63 to secure bronze in the 12-13 final with Rylee Britton improving again to finish second but surely proud of her efforts.  Gina McCarthy also improved on her morning swim but was unable to bridge the gap to Brearna Crawford, winning silver and also breaking the 14 year old girls Waikato record. Eve McCormack was over her morning time to place 9th.

Jack Bruning improved his placing and time from this morning in the 12-13 boys, posting a 1:20.05.  William Crofskey also improved to 1:16.00 in the 14 year old boys.

In the 200 free, Jordyn Williams was strong again in the 12-13 year old final, dropping her time to 2:15.90 and placing 6th.  Gina McCarthy backing up for her second final improved her time but could not get ahead of the impressive Paris Cutler, finishing in silver in 2:09.30.  Sarah Miller in her second final also improved her time to 2:12.84 to take 6th. In the 15 year old girls, Peyton Tofaeono finished just ahead of team mate Kaitlyn Sosa to finish 4th and 5th.  Tofaeono a mere 0.5 outside of bronze. Claudia Ashby and Sophie Lewis bookended the B final to round out the event.  The boys saw the long standing NZ record of Danyon Loader come under threat with Lewis Clareburt of Capital equal but not breaking it in the A final.  Thomas Raymond also swam well, lowering his morning time to come sixth.  Andrew Jeffcoat, Luke Mitchell and Danyon Hardie in the B final slugged it out with Danyon winning the bronze in the 16 year old boys.

Morning Session - Thursday 23 March 2017 - 

Billy Fury in 1961 released Halfway to Paradise and while the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre may not be paradise, we are half way through the 2017 National Age Group Champs.

Competition today features the boys 400 IM, 50 fly, 100 breaststroke, 200 free and the 400m club relays.

Carlos Hardie (Ace) will be returning this evening, looking to be closer to his seed time after placing 8th in the 12-13 heat of the 400IM, this morning swimming 5:40.17. Ryan Stokes (St. Pauls) and Tyler Tapper (St. Peter's) will also be back for this evening after both 14 year olds swam under seed time to qualify 9th and 10th with 5:15.40 and 5:18.69. Jeremy Doig (Te Awamutu) was unlucky not to join them and sits in first reserve with 5:23.85.  The 15 year old final will feature a trio of swimmers with St Paul's duo Sam Ratima and Thomas Griffin being joined by Corey Hirst (Te Aroha).  Ratima stripped 5.28 and the impressive Hirst tearing 10.69s, from their seed times. Jaxyn Mihaka also can feel satisfied by his efforts, recording a 5:08.11, over 4s inside his seed time.  In the senior division Danyon Hardie (Ace) and Max Stubbs (Te Awamutu) will contest the A final after morning swims that did not threaten their seed times. Keegan Dufty (Thames) did swim inside his seed time by almost a second swimming, 5:10.99.

In the 50 fly, Kaitlyn Heaslip (St Peter's) shaved 0.11s off her seed time to be on the brink of the 12-13 final swimming 31.60. Sarah Miller (St. Paul's) will be in the final of the 14 year olds, swimming inside her seed time with a 31.21 to be 9th qualifier.  Madison Chapman (Ace) and Megan Blackwood (St. Peter's) also swam in the heats and while not qualifying for the final, shows how small the margins are in the 50m sprints as they were both within 0.7s of the final. Peyton Tofaeono (Fairfield) will also be in action in the 50 fly final for 15 year olds tonight, qualifying 8th.  In the senior ranks, Te Awamutu's Vanessa Ouwehand was impressive in her qualifying swim to qualify first for the A final her 27.71s, being 0.23s under her seed time.  Katlyn Steedman (Ace) will make yet another A final.  Amber Booth (Fairfield) lowered her seed time by 0.35s to swim in the B final tonight with a 30.38.

In the boys 50 fly, Fin Conchie (St Peter's) missed out on the 12-13 final by less than half a second. A fate shared by Jack Daines (Te Aroha) in the 14 year old boys. Ryan Stokes showed resolve to swim under seed time after his 400IM swim for a 30.73.  Jack Lees (Thames) continued the theme of missing finals by gut twistingly small margins when he swam a 0.64s improvement to 28.32 in the 15 year old division, missing out by 0.04.  Vincent Bubbert (Ace) will swim the B final in the senior ranks after swimming 27.16 in the heats.

The girls 100 breaststoke was graced by a fine heat performance by Rylee Britton (St Peter's) who lowered her seed time by three seconds to qualify third for the final, 1:19.99, a mere .45 from second.  Sarah Wilson (Ace) continued her fine form to also qualify for the final in 5th.  Gina McCarthy (Hillcrest) will look to back up her 50 win in the final of the 14 year old girls but will face stiff competition from top qualifier Brearna Crawford (MAGs) who dominated the 200 breaststroke with the fastest time in the meet and a new NZ age group record.  Eve McCormack (St. Peter's) is also in the fray with Crawford and McCarthy, her under seed 1:22.51 has her qualifying 8th. in the 16-18 division Ace pair Jess Chapman and Katlyn Steedman as well as Amber Booth finished outside the B final.

Jack Bruning (Huntly) will swim from the outside lanes tonight in the 2-13 100 breaststroke, as will William Crofskey (St Peter's) in the 14 year old event. Michiel Cumming (Fairfield) was over seed in his 16-18 division and will not make the finals this year.

The 200 free will see Jordyn Williams join the production line of fantastic female freestyle finalists from Fairfield, qualifying 7th in the 12-13 year old final with a 2:16.84.  Emma Maultsaid (Hillcrest) maintained her 100% PB run with another 1.95s off her 200 time, now standing at 2:18.85.  Gina McCarthy showed the versatility which marks her as one of our best medley swimmers by qualifying first in the 200 free for the 14 year old final, although there seems to be quite some tactics involved as the top three seeds were all 3-4 seconds over seed time which will make for a fascinating battle this evening.  Sarah Miller in sixth is well placed to take advantage of any shenanigans from the aforementioned tactical trio and is a real chance for the podium with her 2:14.57.  The fearsome Fairfield duo of Kaitlyn Sosa and Peyton Tofaeono will also feature in the  15 year old final but both will do well to chase down the gold medal tonight.  16-18 finals will see the other Fairfield finalists Claudia Ashby and Sophie Lewis in the B final.

In the boys, Tyler Tapper and Jack Daines capped a good morning for them with a 1.9s and 1.05 improvement in the 200free 2:08.33 for Tapper and 2:09.95 seeing unfortunately, both boys outside the finalists in the 14 year old boys. Jack Lees (Thames) also went under seed time with his 2:07.92 just ahead of Sam Ratima who was also under seed with his 2:07.95.  Thomas Raymond (St. Peter's) in his more accustomed middle distance event will compete in the A final.  Andrew Jeffcoat (Fairfield) will be in the B final alongside Danyon Hardie and Luke Mitchell (St. Peter's). James Raymond (Matamata)  went under seed time by 1.82s to place in the C final.

With the fastest heat of the 400 club relays to run this evening Fairfield is leading the 15& under girls with Ace and Fairfield 1 & 2 in the 16 and over boys.

FINALS SESSION - Wednesday 22 March 2017 -

Gold proved elusive in the second night of finals with Waikato athletes having to settle for two silvers and a bronze over two events.

Sarah Wilson (Ace) lowered her time from this morning to be a valiant fourth in this evenings 12-13 final with a 2:48.41, only half a second outside of a bronze position.  Jessica Hale (Fairfield) also improved her time from this morning to finish 7th in the 15 year old division with 2:53.16.

Ashe Wainui-Mackle (Ace) continued his steady development as a competition swimmer, setting another personal best in his final with 2:43.66.

Charlize Tordoff (Ace) came agonisingly close to the podium a mere 0.04s from the bronze medal in the 12-13 division with 28.51. Peyton Tofaeono (Fairfield) also came with in a whisker of the podium, finishing fourth equal with a 27.69 in the 15 year old division, less than half a second from bronze.  Fairfield duo Claudia Ashby and Sophie Lewis went under their morning times to finish in the top 10 of their respective age groups, showing there was no lack of effort from these athletes.

Jack Daines (Te Aroha) could take a quantum of solace by improving his morning time by 0.07 seconds to come 5th in the 14 year old 50 free with a 26.00s swim.  Vincent Bubbert (Ace) came in with 24.94 to improve his morning time.  Thomas Raymond (St. Peter's) perhaps showed why he is a very good middle distance swimmer by coming in supporting the rest of the field with 26.58.

With the 100 back stroke being next, Hannah Morgan (Hillcrest) came in 8th in the 12-13 final, her team mate Gina McCarthy managed to hit her personal best with 1:06.76 for 5th in the 14 year olds.  Holly Isaac (St Peters) was 1.07 seconds faster than this morning which was good enough for 7th with a time of 1:07.57.  Vanessa Ouwehand (Te Awamutu) rounded out the girls efforts with 1:09.63.

Andrew Jeffcoat (Fairfield) repeated his penchant for silver in age group championships adding the long course silver for the 100 back stroke to his age group silver from New Zealand Short course champs.  58.83 was 0.57 under his morning time.  Max Stubbs (Te Awamutu) also lowered his time to 1:01.33.

The final heat of the girls 800 free saw a late rush of medals for Waikato.  Kaitlyn Sosa had secured her bronze in the morning heat and with no 15 year olds in the final heat, she was able to sit with confidence as she watched team mate Claudia Ashby and Hillcrest 14 year old Gina McCarthy swim the evening heat.  Ashby finished 6th with 9:28.96 in the 17-18 year old division, while McCarthy with 9:20.83 made up for a somewhat slow opening to rattle home to comfortably take silver.

Morning Session - Wednesday 22 March 2017 -

The weather dawned more to type in Wellington which made concentrating on the business of swimming much easier.  On today's agenda was 200 Breaststroke, 50 free 100 back and 800 free for girls.

In the 12-13 year old girls, Sarah Wilson (Ace) was right on her seed time to be a real prospect for the podium tonight with her 2:51.79 placing her second for the age group final.  Rylee Britton (St Peter's) put her best foot forward to be on the cusp of the final in the second reserve position with a 1.23 second improvement on her seed time in a 2:58.45 effort.

Jessica Hale (Fairfield) made top 10 to vie for the 15 age group honours with 2:53.58 slightly over seed time but good enough to qualify 9th.

The boys had some mixed results, however, the highlights were Ashe Wainui-Mackle (Ace) making the 15 year old final with a under seed time 2:44.18 just shading Corey Hirst (Te Aroha) who continues his excellent form in the breaststroke, swimming 2:46.26 over 2 seconds under his seed time.

Danyon Hardie (Ace) also managed to lower his seed time by 0.39s, swimming to 15th in the senior ranks with a credible 2:39.78

In the splash and dash of the 50 free, Charlize Tordoff (Ace) lowered her seed time to place 5th for the 12-13 year old final, dipping under 29s with 28.99.  Madison Chapman (Ace) also sliced time off her seed time with a 28.83, seeing her just miss out on the 14 year old final.  Peyton Tofaeono (Fairfield) continues her rich vein of form with a 28 flat qualifying her fourth for this evenings final.  Team mate Kaitlyn Sosa broke 29s, taking 0.34 off her seed time to record 28.92.  Claudia Ashby and Sophie Lewis completed the strong Fairfield sprint showing with Claudia making the A final with 27.86 and Sophie the B final with 28.38.

Jack Daines (Te Aroha) logged perhaps one of the more impressive best times of the morning, smashing his seed time by 1.22s in the 14 year old boys 50m free, claiming one of the middle lanes for this evenings final with a second ranked 26.07.  Caleb Parsons (Ace) also made sure he gave it a nudge in the heats, going under 27s with an under seed time 26.97.

Hannah Morgan (Hillcrest) made another final in the 100 back her 1:11.68 qualifying her 8th in the 12-13 year old girls.  Jordyn Williams (Fairfield) with 1:12.52 brought a 0.18s under seed time to the party but was unlucky to not make the final with less than half a second separating 9th from 14th.  Gina McCarthy (Hillcrest) will also make another finals appearance being on seed time with 1:07.63 qualifying her 4th in the 14 year old final, she will be joined by Holly Isaac (St Peter's) whose 1:08.64 has her firmly in the mix for the medals race in 7th.  Ella Brock (St Paul's) stripped 0.83 off her seed time in the 15 year old division, with Amber Booth (Fairfield) also under seed with her 1:09.83 in the senior ranks.  Vanessa Ouwehand (Te Awamutu) will contest the B final with her morning swim of 1:08.76 qualifying her 19th.

The boys had somewhat mixed results in the 100 back as well, highlights being Tyler Tapper (St Peter's) under seed time effort of 1:08.27 in the 14 year old boys and Jaxyn Mihaka (Fairfield) also under seed with 1:06.22 in the 15 year old boys doing their best but unfortunately being outside the top 10.  It was left to Mihaka's team mate Andrew Jeffcoat and Te Awamutu's Maxwell Stubbs to ensure a Waikato presence in the finals going under the minute mark in the senior heats with a 59.40 for Jeffcoat and 1:01.45 for Stubbs.  Luke Mitchell (St Peter's) will feature in the B final as he gave himself the best chance he could with an under seed 1:01.85 where he will be joined by Danyon Hardie who also went under seed time with his 1:03.52

With only the fastest heat to run tonight the 800m fre,e Waikato contingent are hanging on to bronze positions with Sophie Lewis in the senior ranks and Kaitlyn Sosa in the 15 year old division sitting third.  Highlights in terms of personal best times were Sarah Miller (St. Paul's) shaving 0.74 off her seed time at 9:39.82 and Emma Maultsaid (Hillcrest) carving over 6 seconds off to lower her time to 10:06.83 her second PB this meet keeping her on track for a 100% PB meet.

Claudia Ashby and Gina McCarthy will make their claim for 800 free medals in the pool tonight.

FINALS SESSION - Tuesday 21 March 2017 -

Kilbirnie came alive in the first night of finals at the 2017 National Age Group championship. The finals opened with the 100 free for girls.
Gina McCarthy (Hillcrest) opened her finals account with an improved finish dropping 1.47 seconds on her morning swim and placing 7th in 1:00.54 in the 14 year old girls

Next up was Peyton Tofaeono (Fairfield) in the 15 year old girls. Peyton also improved her morning swim by over a second to get up for a podium finish and take bronze in 59.38. A great swim from Peyton to open the medal account for Waikato. Kaitlyn Sosa (Fairfield) also in the final underlined the depth in Waikato in girls freestyle swimming with a 1:01.85.

In the senior final both Claudia Ashby (Fairfield) and Sophie Lewis (Fairfield) improved on this mornings heats and came in under the minute mark to finish comfortably in the top 10 of their respective age groups.

On to the boys competing in the 400m free finals and Carlos Hardie (Ace) showed grit and determination in bettering his morning swim by over three seconds in a credible 6th place in the 12-13 final setting a new personal best of 4:41.54.
Callum Fulton (Thames) also lowered his personal best after his fine swim this morning in the 14 year old boys to come in the top 10 with 4:31.71.

Finally for the 400 free Thomas Raymond (St Peter's) lined up in the senior A final, carving off 3.51 in an inspired performance. Raymond grabbed Bronze for the second Waikato medal of the evening. In the other senior finals Luke Mitchell (St Peter's) Andrew Jeffcoat (Fairfield) and Danyon Hardie (Ace) all bettered their morning swims most notably Mitchell with over a seven second improvement.

In perhaps the most exciting final of the evening the 12-13 year old girls 50m Breaststroke, Canadian visitor Asia Minnes took the race but it was Hillcrest's Hannah Morgan who thrilled the crowd dead heat finishing with Marina Segedin of Auckland in 35.71 to record the first gold for Waikato. Sarah Wilson (Ace) also performed admirably lowering her morning time to secure 5th in the pool.

Gina McCarthy made the most of her good fortune from this morning with an impressive performance in the 14 year old final. Showing the advantage of good underwater work McCarthy led from start to finish to take gold and also unofficially breaking the Waikato record which has stood for 19 years with a 34.21.  Jess Chapman (Ace) backed up her time from this morning well to swim a 37 flat in the senior B final.

In the boys 50m breaststroke, Jack Bruning (Huntly) backed up well in the 12-13 final to finish just outside the medals with 34.36.
William Crofskey (St Peter's) also hit his time from this morning improving 0.16 to 34.16 with a solid eighth placing in the 14 year old boys final.

Corey Hirst (Te Aroha) our biggest athlete from one of our smallest teams and who was inexplicably left out of this mornings report despite doing a 2.28s Personal Best and qualifying seventh backed up his time again this evening and finished top 10 with 33.93 in the 15 year old final.

The final individual event of the evening was the 200 fly with Waikato interest initially on the 14 year old girls final and the brave swim of Sarah Miller (St Paul's) who struck out early in the gruelling event and was only run down in the final 50 to earn silver in a personal best 2:25.14

The senior A final had Katlyn Steedman (Ace) and Grace Soo Choon (Hillcrest) battling it out in the 16 year old division while Te Awamutu was represented by Vanessa Ouwehand in the 17-18 year olds. In a tactically well paced race all three swimmers acquitted themselves well. Steedman pulling 2:23.08 to win gold in her age group and Ouwehand claiming bronze in 2:24.85. Soo Choon finished just outside the podium placing with fourth with 2:27.70.

Thomas Griffin (St Paul's) represented in the 15 year old final showing consistent effort in claiming eighth in 2:19.62.
Maxwell Stubbs (Te Awamutu) performed well this evening in the A final bettering this mornings time by 0.96 to finish top 10 in the 17-18 division with 2:12.58. Danyon Hardie (Ace) completed the individual swims with a strong B final taking the honours in 2:14.86.

Zonal relays had a strong Waikato flavour with the 15 and under girls 4 x 200m free relay having Peyton Tofaeono, Kaitlyn Sosa and Gina McCarthy. The Aquaknights were led off by Bianca Donelley (Rotorua) who placed the team into second, however, All Stars had a substantial lead. Kaitlyn Sosa closed the gap, handing a half a body length deficit to Peyton Tofaeono who quickly established a lead. This was never relinquished as Gina McCarthy extended then held the advantage to emphatically claim gold in 8:45.89.

The junior boys had Thomas Griffin in the ranks and were good enough to hold onto a podium finish with bronze and 8:17.10.

Senior girls had Waikato at its spine with Fairfield again showing out in relay having Claudia Ashby and Sophie Lewis representing Aquaknights. Silver was the reward for a 8:46.48.

Senior boys also claimed Gold with Thomas Raymond capping the night with his fine contribution to 7:50.35.

Morning Session - Tuesday 21 March 2017 -

Twenty years ago the Datsun Violets told us you can't beat Wellington on a good day and they were right as NAGs started on a classically beautiful Wellington day.

On the agenda this morning is the 100m free for girls, 400m free for boys, 50m breast and 200 Fly.

In the 12-13 girls 100 free, Waikato missed out on top 10 finishes with Charlize Tordoff (Ace) finishing best in 13th slightly over her seed time with a 1:03.11, first time NAGs swimmer Emma Maultsaid (Hillcrest) was one of the few who improved her time with a 1:04.75 a .28 improvement on her recent Div 2 performance.

In the 14 year old girls, Gina McCarthy (Hillcrest) snuck into a top 10 spot with her 1:02.11 qualifying her for an outside lane in this evenings final Madison Chapman (Ace) was unlucky to be second reserve being only .24 of a second back from McCarthy.  Sarah Miller (St. Pauls) lowered her seed time by 1.2 seconds to place 13th equal on 1:02.96.

Peyton Tofaeono (Fairfield) qualified 3rd for tonights final of the 15 year old girls with a 1:00.41 where she will be joined by her club mate Kaitlyn Sosa who claimed 8th in the heats with a 1:01.61

Fairfield will be well represented tonight as Sophie Lewis and Claudia Ashby qualified for the A final in the seniors competition with a 1:00.23 and 1:00.26 respectively.

In the 400m free Carlos Hardie (Ace) opened his competition with a fine 4:44.65 to be third going into the finals tonight, this was a 3.55 improvement on his seed time.

Callum Fulton (Thames) also put his best foot forward earning himself a 10th place spot in the 14 year old boys with a five second improvement and 4:31.97.  Tyler Tapper (St Peters) can also  be well satisfied that he gave it his best with a 2:33.16 improving on his seed time by 2.25 seconds.

St Pauls continued the theme of PB in the heats with Thomas Griffin taking 2.6 seconds off his seed time to finish 12th in the 15 year old boys with 4:25.59.

Thomas Raymond (St Peters) is third going into tonights A final with 4:09.55 and Danyon Hardie (Ace) will be swimming to try and claim bronze in the 16 year old division after swimming 4:18.83 this morning.

In the 50m Breast for girls Hannah Morgan ( Hillcrest) finished 4th after this mornings heats with 36.36 just behind her was Sarah Wilson (Ace) who qualified 6th with a 36.70.  Rylee Britton (St Peters) rounded out the top 10 with a personal best 37.6

Gina McCarthy can count herself lucky to be swimming tonight's final as what looked like a clear movement on the blocks escaped the attention of the officials.  She will be 2nd in tonight's final with a 36.51.  Madison Fuller (St Peters) also featured in the finals mix with a 38.82 having her in the second reserve position.

Jessica Hale (Fairfield) and Caitlyn de Groen (Thames) were the best Waikato finishers in the 15 years old girls with 37.86 and 37.97

The senior girls Jess Chapman (Ace) Amber Booth (Fairfield) and Isabelle Paton (Ace) finished outside the A and B finals but were within range of their personal best with Amber Booth shaving 0.05 off her seed time with a 37.77.

The boys started their assault on the 50 Breast with Jack Bruning (Huntly) qualifying 4th with a personal best 34.15 over half a second under his seed time.  William Crofsky (St Peters) also booked a top 10 finish with another personal best 34.32 good enough for 8th in the 14 year old boys and .23 under his seed time.  Ashe Wainui-Mackle (Ace)was slightly over his seed time this morning with a 36.19 as was Maxwell Stubbs (Te Awamutu) and Michiel Cumming (Fairfield) in the senior boys.

Sarah Miller has qualified 2nd in the 14 year old girls 200 Fly to be the sole Waikato finalist in the junior ranks.  Waikato trio Katlyn Steedman (Ace), Grace Soo Choon (Hillcrest) and Vanessa Ouwehand (Te Awamutu) will slog it out in the A final with plenty of gas in the tank as all three were over their seed times but all three looked to have the ability to make a real impression on the final.

Thomas Griffin went under his seed time by 3.45s on his way to qualify 5th in the 15 year old boys 200 fly.  Max Stubbs will be contesting the A final in the senior boys qualifying 8th with 2:13.54.  Danyon Hardie just missed out on the A final with an 11th place in 2:14.81.  Keegan Dufty (Thames) gave his best with a 2:25.63 taking 0.8 off his seed time.


2017 Waikato Reverse Distance Champs - a summary

IMG_1411 IMG_1427

On Sunday the 19th of March, at the St Peter's Pool in Cambridge, we hosted our 2017 Swimming Waikato Reverse Distance Championships.  Although numbers were small, there was some fantastic swimming as the males competed over 800m and the females, over 1500m.

So enthusiastic was one swimmer, that she swam an extra 50m!!

Pictured above are the medalists and you can find the full results below.

2017 Waikato Junior Championships - the Movie


What a weekend !  More than 190 swimmers.  Blue skies.  Soaring temperatures.  Fantastic facilities.  Enthusiasm to burn.  Our 2017 Waikato Junior Championships didn't disappoint !

Every swimmer, from our first time competitors through to our seasoned juniors, competed with pride and 100% commitment, leaving parents, grandparents, team managers and coaches feeling hugely proud of this group of swimmers.

Special congratulations to all our finalists and medal winners and you can find a full list of the results below.

And - I know you've all been waiting for the Premiere - here it is - 2017 Waikato Junior Championships - the Movie.


Thames' Famous Golden Goggles

Golden Goggles Photos Untitled-1 Tunas


Who would have guessed that everyone wants to get their hands on the Golden Goggles?The Golden Goggles are a highly sought after prize which is contested at each of the Thames Swimming Club's Race Nights.As a bit of background, the Thames Swimming Club swimmers have been divided into three teams - the Tunas, the Sharks and the Crocs, and the final race at each race night is the team relay.  Each relay team consists of eight swimmers and during the highly competitive racing, the lead often changes many times.This concept has proven to be a fantastic way to build team spirit with every member of the club, be they six or 16, having the opportunity to take part.The idea was the brain child of Keegan Dufty (one of the club's senior swimmers) and this regular event has had the added benefit of ensuring that all the swimmers within the club get to know each other and they all feel like they are an important member of the team.  It is a superb way to complete each race night.Picture above - the Golden Goggles and Team Tuna.

NAGs Ticket Sales - Update

Here's an update from Swimming NZ about tickets sales for NAGs ...

The Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre management has been in contact with Swimming New Zealand in regards to the sale of tickets at the 2017 NZ Age Group Championships. As there has been an increase in entry numbers on previous years meaning there is limited spectator seating there will be a change in normal procedure at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre around the sale of tickets with the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance.

Tickets for spectators at NAGs sessions will be presold, at the facility reception as follows:

  • Tickets for Tuesday 21 March go on sale 6pm Monday 20 March
  • Tickets for Wednesday 22 March – Saturday 25 March go on sale at 6.00am the day before.

The number of tickets remaining for each session the next day will be displayed on the Swimming New Zealand and Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre Facebook pages at 7.00pm each day.


Team Waikato - 2017 NAGs

Here's the 61 strong team of our swimmers heading to the 2017 National Age Group Championships in Wellington. Good luck to all of you.

Jessica Chapman - Ace Swimming Club
Madison Chapman - Ace Swimming Club
Carlos Hardie - Ace Swimming Club
Danyon Hardie - Ace Swimming Club
Caleb Parsons - Ace Swimming Club
Isabelle Paton - Ace Swimming Club
Katlyn Steedman - Ace Swimming Club
Charlize Tordoff - Ace Swimming Club
Ashe Wainui-Mackle - Ace Swimming Club
Sarah Wilson - Ace Swimming Club
Claudia Ashby - Fairfield Swimming Club
Amber Booth - Fairfield Swimming Club
Michiel Cumming - Fairfield Swimming Club
Corinna Decker-Thorburn - Fairfield Swimming Club
Jessica Hale - Fairfield Swimming Club
Andrew Jeffcoat - Fairfield Swimming Club
Hamish Kennedy - Fairfield Swimming Club
Sophie Lewis - Fairfield Swimming Club
Jaxyn Mihaka - Fairfield Swimming Club
Kaitlyn Sosa - Fairfield Swimming Club
Peyton Tofaeono - Fairfield Swimming Club
Jordyn Williams - Fairfield Swimming Club
Emma Maultsaid - Hillcrest Swim Club
Georgina McCarthy - Hillcrest Swim Club
Hannah Morgan - Hillcrest Swim Club
Tyrell Priddey - Hillcrest Swim Club
Grace Soo Choon - Hillcrest Swim Club
Jack Bruning - Huntly Swim Club
Kyle Fannin - Matamata Swim Club
James Raymond - Matamata Swim Club
Jordan Rogers - Matamata Swim Club
Ella Brock - St Paul's Swimming Club
Thomas Griffin - St Paul's Swimming Club
Sarah Miller - St Paul's Swimming Club
Sam Ratima - St Paul's Swimming Club
Ryan Stokes - St Paul's Swimming Club
Megan Blackwood - St Peter's Swimming Club
Rylee Britton - St Peter's Swimming Club
Fin Conchie - St Peter's Swimming Club
William Crofskey - St Peter's Swimming Club
Madison Fuller - St Peter's Swimming Club
Kaitlyn Heaslip - St Peter's Swimming Club
Holly Isaac - St Peter's Swimming Club
Eve McCormack - St Peter's Swimming Club
Luke Mitchell - St Peter's Swimming Club
Thomas Raymond - St Peter's Swimming Club
Chelsea Sharp - St Peter's Swimming Club
Tyler Tapper - St Peter's Swimming Club
Tiaan Van Rooyen - St Peter's Swimming Club
Corey Hirst - Te Aroha Swim Club
Jack Daines - Te Aroha Swim Club
Jeremy Doig - Te Awamutu Swim Club
Vanessa Ouwehand - Te Awamutu Swim Club
Maxwell Stubbs - Te Awamutu Swim Club
Chloe Veale - Te Awamutu Swim Club
Caitlyn de Groen - Thames Swim Club
Keegan Dufty - Thames Swim Club
Callum Fulton - Thames Swim Club
Jack Lees - Thames Swim Club
Reid McDowell - Thames Swim Club
Tayla Taupaki - Whangamata Swimming Club

A further NAGs Update

Here's a further NAGs update from Swimming New Zealand re the 50m Finals at the 2017 event-

Attention All SNZ Clubs, Regions & Coaches:

We wish to further clarify the structure of the 50m events at this year’s NZ Age Group Championships. Throughout early-mid 2016, there was an extensive process of reviewing the competition structure for all National Championship events in New Zealand and a number of recommendations were presented for feedback by the New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association that was then circulated to Regions, Clubs and Coaches for consideration. These recommendations included having heats and finals for all age groups in Freestyle events at the NZ Age Group Championships while other 50m events only had a single consolidated age final. The feedback received from Regions, Clubs and Coaches was largely in support of the recommendations with the SNZ Regulations being altered accordingly and recirculated to the swimming membership.

Following a misinterpretation of the implementation of this where 50m Freestyle events were also included in the consolidated finals we now propose that the structure for this year’s New Zealand Age Group Championships is returned to what was originally posted in the competition booklet for this event, with all 50m events having finals for all championships age groups. The review and implementation of the SNZ Regulations and release of the 2018 competition booklet following this seasons events will see the implementation of the original structure for 50m events with only the 50m Freestyle event having finals for all age groups.

Swimming Waikato - The Movie

Have you ever wondered what swimming in the Waikato would look like as a Movie ?

Well here's your chance - please take just a couple of minutes to sit back and watch as we give you a snippet of just some of the action.

Thanks to Nanette Felton for her awesome filming and directing, and to all the superstar swimmers, coaches and officials we have in our Region.

Thanks Chris Jolly


After 12 years as our Region's SportsForce Swimming Development Officer, Chris Jolly is hanging up her flippers as the SportsForce programme ceases at the end of March 2017.

And what a 12 years it has been.  Chris's support has been focused on our rural clubs where she has delivered coach development opportunities and SportsForce Camps for many years.  She has supported lots of our swimmers to develop from the learn to swim arena and become competent swimmers and has supported many of our coaches to achieve Swim Teacher and Coaching qualifications.

She has played a key role in assisting with the development of our Swimming for Life Resources and has spent hours on pool deck engaging with school teachers to ensure their in-school swimming delivery is of a high quality.

We know that she's been a constant source of support at the end of the phone for many parents and committee members and Nanette and I have got big boots to fill as we take over the provision of this support.

One of Chris's most notable successes was the role she played in the establishment of the Thames Swimming Academy which continues to provide all year round coaching to swimmers from our Coromandel Peninsular clubs.

Chris's knowledge of the history of swimming in our region is second to none and we know she'll be missed by club volunteers, coaches, swimmers and parents who will miss her smiling face, her willingness to help, and her slightly quirky English accent !

Luckily she's not going too far.  Chris is going to take over the operation of the Paeroa Swimming For Life programme where she'll have an opportunity to get back in the water and teach babies, pre-schoolers and school aged children to swim.  And we're sure she'll continue to be involved in other swimming projects in the region also.

Regional Development Pathway - an update

It's been more than 2 1/2 years since we first employed Clive Power in the position of Regional Coaching Co-ordinator and launched our Regional Development Pathway and it's been a busy time in swimming in the Waikato ever since.

We've trialed a few different swim meet structures, before settling on our current Carnival / Festival / XLR8 format.  We've introduced our XLR8 Achievers Club, our PB Beads, the Junior Blackout Period, Relay Days and the Caro Cup competition with Auckland.  We've run combined squad coaching sessions for senior and junior swimmers, and we're hosting regular Coaches Breakfasts which provide a group of our senior coaches with the opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers.

For our smaller clubs, we've introduced the concept of 'Secondary Hubs' and in 2017, we'll be encouraging more collaboration between our Hub clubs by way of shared club nights, technique clinics and coach development opportunities.

We've had time to reflect on this initial period, and as a result, we've made some changes to the development opportunties included in our Regional Development Pathway document.  This mainly relates to the 'Performance' tier, where the Train | Achieve | Perform (TAP) squad selection criteria has changed and we have introduced a new 'Perform squad' which encompasses more than 100 of our competitive swimmers.  We are currently having a look at our Scholarship criteria and will keep you all up to date once we finalise the new structure.

You can find out more about these opportunities by reading through our Regional Development Pathway document, or one of the three summary documents which are included below.

As always, if you have any questions about anything we're delivering, please contact

Goldfields Swimming For Life


It's been over a year since we took over the Goldfields Swim School at Paeroa and introduced our Swimming For Life programme and since then, we've delivered lessons to well over 100 families from the wider Paeroa area.

The Goldfields School pool provides a fantastic venue for this programme, with an indoor heated pool with a ramp which enables us to cater for all levels of learn to swim.

Chris Jolly is taking over the operation of this swim school and will work alongside Head Teacher, Jan Clayton, to continue to deliver a programme that prepares swimmers for the transition to the Paeroa Swimming Club.  Lessons follow Swimming Waikato's Swimming For Life Resources and we're already seeing some fantastic progressions through our Swimming For Life levels, with some of the older children now ready to progress to the Paeroa Club.

Our Swimming for Life Resources, developed with the support of Paterson Burn Optometrists, are available for clubs and schools within our region and if you're interested in a copy, please contact

We wish Chris all the very best with this new venture and we're looking forward to seeing a whole heap of capable young swimmers emerge from this programme.

2017 Zonal Juniors

Team Waikato - cropped

The inagural 2017 Zonal Junior Festival saw 100 swimmers from the Waikato Region head to Rotorua to compete against swimmers from Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay and Wairarapa.

And the event was a real celebration of swimming with a swimmer march past and birthday celebrations adding to the fantastic atmosphere. Swimming BOP did a fantastic job of hosting this event.

We'd also like to acknowledge our small army of technical officials that headed south to assist with delivering the meet.

Below you'll find the full results listing from the meet.

The St Peter's Swimming Club took out the top club honours, but what was even more exciting was feedback from our Hub Head Coach Clive Power -

  • The work being done on the pool deck by the coaches of our junior programmes is excellent.
  • Skills - I think we are making some head way in this area. For example some of the underwater skills of these young swimmers was superb, even down to one of the early heats of the 11 year old girls where I observed most of our swimmers streamlining to 4/5m each turn and take a bow, Te Wehi Mareikura who streamlined to 7m.  There were others pushing out to past the 5m mark and our senior swimmers could take a lesson from these youngsters.
  • In most cases, some very good coach led pre-activation was being done before each session. The swimmers will now have the opportunity to take ownership of doing this, as they get older.
  • With all the excitement of finals and placings  aside, if you look at what was happening below this, Waikato has a tidal wave of young swimmers coming through.

Special congratulations to our medalists -

Amelia Glover - St Peters
Camryn Williams - Fairfield
Carly Terelmes - Ace
Ciaran Watson - St Pauls
David Bom - St Peters
Dominic Fawkner - Ace
Eva Parker - Ace
Eva Parker - Ace
Iris Wainui-Mackle - Ace
Jetta Kete - Te Awamutu
Joshua Edwards - St Pauls
Kaitlyn Heaslip - St Peters
Kelly Lewis - Fairfield
Kemp Williams - Fairfield
Kurtis McCarthy - Hillcrest
Laura Littlejohn - St Pauls
Lucas Dowty - Thames
Lucy Lawrence - Matamata
Mathew Peacock - St Peters
Matthew Brunning - Huntly
Max Roberts - Huntly
Milana Tapper - St Peters
Ruby Rawiri - Ace
Savanna Bourke - St Peters
Spencer Cleland - St Peters
Spencer Cleland - St Peters
TeWehi Mareikura - Te Awamutu
Trinaka Kenny - Hillcrest

We're always on the lookout for more Officials !

In an average year, we have about 25 meets (Club, Regional, Zonal and National) where our Officials give up their time to officiate for the benefit of swimmers from our region. That's almost 50 days each year !

They're a fantastic and dedicated bunch and many of our current officials don't even have family members swimming any more.  They do it because they love it - and who knows, maybe you would too!

If you're the parent of a swimmer - please give some serious consideration to training to be a technical official, starting with the qualification of Inspector of Turns (IOT).  The more officials we have, the less meets we'll need them to officiate at !

We'll be holding IOT training sessions in May and June.  If you'd like to experience the IOT role, prior to committing to one of our courses, come and join Linda Bulman and her team of officials at our Waikato Juniors meet on the 18th and 19th of March 2017 (at St Peters).

If you are interested in experiencing the IOT role at this meet - please email


Important NAGs update

If you're planning on entering the 2017 NZ National Age Groups Championships, here's an important change to the Meet Conditions from Swimming New Zealand -

There have been updates to the event booklet for the 2017 NZ Age Group Championships. The updates are as follows:

  1. Clarification around how the 50m events will be run. All 50m events will have a single final with all age groups eligible. There are not individual age group finals in any 50m event. This format change was a part of the Competition Review in 2016.
  2. The above clarification has meant an update of the schedule of events.
  3. Also Clarification surrounding how medals will be presented for the “Youth” Category.

The updated event booklet can be found on the 2017 NZ Age Group Championship event page.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Keegan directly -



Waikato Swimmers heading to Aussie Age Group Champs

Congratulations to Hillcrest's GINA MCCARTHY and Fairfield's ANDREW JEFFCOAT who are part of a 24 strong team heading to the 2017 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Group Championships.    This meet is being held in Brisbane from the 16th to the 23rd of April.    You can view the whole New Zealand team below.

Andrew Jeffcoat, Fairfield
Annabell Simpson, Northwave
Bianca Donelley, Swim Rotorua
Brearna Crawford, Mt Albert Grammar
Chelsey Edwards, SwimZone Racing
Ciara Smith, Northwave
Ellie Eastwood, United
Finn Kennard-Campbell, North Shore
Gina Galloway, United
Georgina McCarthy, Hillcrest
Hannah Bates, Selwyn
Jason Churches, North Shore
Kiana Swain, Pukekohe
Lewis Clareburt, Capital
Lochlainn O'Connor, Greerton
Madeline Falconer, United Swimming Club
Mya Rasmussen, Kiwi West Aquatics
Sasha Reid, Aquabladz New Plymouth
Sungju Kim, North Shore
Tavarnya Howe, Pukekohe
Thomas Watkins, Capital
Tyron Henry, Howick Pakuranga
Zac Reid, Aquabladz New Plymouth
Zachary Dell, Pukekohe


February 2017

2017 Division II Competition

This year, the NZ Division II Competition is being hosted in Rotorua from the 5th to the 8th of March and we've got a 51 strong team attending.

Good luck to all these swimmers, plus their coaches and team managers - we're looking forward to seeing some great results.

Brooklyn Fawkner Ace Swimming Club
Xanthe Wainui-Mackle Ace Swimming Club
Estella Wainui-Mackle Ace Swimming Club
Flynn Cameron Fairfield Swimming Club
Lucy Farrell Fairfield Swimming Club
Emily Irvine Fairfield Swimming Club
Sarah Mann Fairfield Swimming Club
James-Hardy Rorimpandey Fairfield Swimming Club
Maddison Williams Fairfield Swimming Club
Brooke Bigwood Hillcrest Swim Club
Corwin Broekhuizen Hillcrest Swim Club
Taylah Buckley Hillcrest Swim Club
Stella Coombes Hillcrest Swim Club
Thomas Coombes Hillcrest Swim Club
Briony Fraser Hillcrest Swim Club
Trinaka Kenny Hillcrest Swim Club
Emma Maultsaid Hillcrest Swim Club
Kellie Petrin Hillcrest Swim Club
Nicole Smith Hillcrest Swim Club
Jack Bruning Huntly Swim Club
Brendan Hunt Huntly Swim Club
Flynn Rendall Huntly Swim Club
Mollie Allison Matamata Swim Club
Teri Bennett Matamata Swim Club
Samuel Hills Matamata Swim Club
Neive Lawrence Matamata Swim Club
Eleanor Tomkins Mercury Bay Swim Club
Nikita Coleman St Paul's Swimming Club
Samuel Peoples St Paul's Swimming Club
Ciaran Watson St Paul's Swimming Club
James Bilton St Peter's Swimming Club
Fin Conchie St Peter's Swimming Club
William Crofskey St Peter's Swimming Club
Madison Fuller St Peter's Swimming Club
Moira Hunt St Peter's Swimming Club
Aliesha Peacock St Peter's Swimming Club
Francesca Pollock St Peter's Swimming Club
Chelsea Sharp St Peter's Swimming Club
Caleb Thomas St Peter's Swimming Club
Jamie-lyn van Niekerk St Peter's Swimming Club
Eline Bruin Te Aroha Swim Club
Hamish Clayton Te Aroha Swim Club
Jeremy Doig Te Awamutu Swim Club
Lara Doig Te Awamutu Swim Club
Aneurin Linton Te Awamutu Swim Club
Neeve Morrison Te Awamutu Swim Club
Chloe Green Thames Swim Club
Reid McDowell Thames Swim Club
Sail Young Tokoroa Swim Club
Aoife Hennessy Waihi Swimming Club
Tayla Taupaki Whangamata Amateur Swimming Club

Central Long Course Champs

Just a couple of days until the Central Long Course Champs kicks off in Hamilton.  This is a qualifying meet for Aussie Age Group Champs so we're expecting some fast and furious racing.

Below is the programme for the three morning sessions.   Also attached is the timeline for these sessions - please note this is APPROXIMATE and races can start prior to or after the time stated.

Please print your own programmes or download to your phones or Ipads etc as there will be no hard copies available.  Limited finals programmes will be printed and these will be supplied to coaches and managers via the club cubbyholes.  Finals programmes will be emailed to all competitors as soon as possible after the completion of the morning sessions.

Just a few reminders -

  • As per input from our coaches, heats will been raced slowest to fastest with no circle seeding to ensure top racing opportunities in all races.
  • Please refer to the meet flyer for all the scratching rules of this meet.
  • The Team Managers meeting will be at 8.15 on Friday morning in the room under the stairs at Waterworld.
  • If you're attending a finals session, please be prepared to time keep.
  • PARA Swimmers - you will need to bring your classification cards with you please.
  • All para swimmers have been merged into the able-bodied races for the heats.


Preparation Session for our NAGs Swimmers

Just as a heads up - Clive is hosting a preparation session for National Age Group Qualifiers - details below:

National Age Group Qualifiers Prep Session

  • Saturday 11th March

The Prep Session is being held to build a ‘Waikato Team’ for the National Age Groups.  This is not intended in any way to diminish individual team management or focus but to add to Swimming Waikato’s ‘presence’ at the meet.

In addition the session will be an education opportunity for swimmers in the following areas -

  • Race day preparation
  • Nutrition
  • Warm up / swim down
  • Handling emotion
  • Post competition

A  pool session of one hour will follow the presentations

  • Personal warmup
  • 10x50 race pace

There is no requirement for coaches to attend but they are welcome if they wish to do so.

Swimmers to bring their gear bags and pool snacks.

Waikato Academy for Young Achievers

The Waikato Institute for Leisure and Sports Studies (Wilss) is now taking nominations for the 2017 Waikato Academy for Young Achievers (WAYA).

Wilss has an exciting programme planned for this year with some amazing presenters that will help guide and grow our regional and national champions of the future.

Please follow this link to register on line, or if you would like further information please make contact with Katie who will help you with the nomination process.

Katie Horne
Sport Programmes Manager

07 839 9908 - office
0272 329 025 - cell

Our team for the Zonal Juniors

Here's a full list of all the swimmers from the Waikato who are competing at the 2017 New Zealand Junior Festival - Aquaknights Zone.  This meet is taking place in Rotorua on the 17th, 18th and 19th of February.  Good luck to all of you.

Olivia Bayne Ace Swimming Club
Hayley Dawbin Ace Swimming Club
Matthew Dawbin Ace Swimming Club
Dominic Fawkner Ace Swimming Club
Orlando Hardie Ace Swimming Club
Sophie Hay Ace Swimming Club
Eva Parker Ace Swimming Club
Brooke Pyle Ace Swimming Club
Quinn Pyle Ace Swimming Club
Ruby Rawiri Ace Swimming Club
Ryan Roche Ace Swimming Club
Carly Terelmes Ace Swimming Club
Boston Tordoff Ace Swimming Club
Iris Wainui-Mackle Ace Swimming Club
Estella Wainui-Mackle Ace Swimming Club
Kiera Wallis Ace Swimming Club
Emma Wallis Ace Swimming Club
Rinoa Day Fairfield Swimming Club
Eva Donkin Fairfield Swimming Club
Donovan Farrell Fairfield Swimming Club
Sarah Gutsell Fairfield Swimming Club
Kelly Lewis Fairfield Swimming Club
Charlotte McKinnon Fairfield Swimming Club
Pippa Mihaka Fairfield Swimming Club
Brooklyn Miller Fairfield Swimming Club
Sophia Wenceslao Fairfield Swimming Club
Camryn Williams Fairfield Swimming Club
Kemp Williams Fairfield Swimming Club
Madeline Coombes Hillcrest Swim Club
Trinaka Kenny Hillcrest Swim Club
Kurtis McCarthy Hillcrest Swim Club
Charlie Moon Hillcrest Swim Club
Elijah Singleton Hillcrest Swim Club
Matthew Bruning Huntly Swim Club
Trinity McDonald-Wilson Huntly Swim Club
Jodie Ranui Huntly Swim Club
Max Roberts Huntly Swim Club
Bella Dye Matamata Swim Club
Heather Hills Matamata Swim Club
Lucy Lawrence Matamata Swim Club
Caleb Lawrence Matamata Swim Club
Rico Marino Matamata Swim Club
Heidi Roberts Matamata Swim Club
Ashton Rogers Matamata Swim Club
Aimee Burton Mercury Bay Swim Club
Ava Lamason Mercury Bay Swim Club
Milly Lamason Mercury Bay Swim Club
Maia Campbell Putaruru Amateur Swimming Club
Libby Campbell Putaruru Amateur Swimming Club
Darcey Marr-John Putaruru Amateur Swimming Club
Joshua Barnett St Paul's Swimming Club
Matthew Chanwai St Paul's Swimming Club
Nikita Coleman St Paul's Swimming Club
Joshua Edwards St Paul's Swimming Club
Laura Littlejohn St Paul's Swimming Club
Alexandra Peoples St Paul's Swimming Club
William Peoples St Paul's Swimming Club
Samuel Peoples St Paul's Swimming Club
Monique Spedding St Paul's Swimming Club
Abigail Surridge St Paul's Swimming Club
Ciaran Watson St Paul's Swimming Club
Olivia Ballantyne St Peter's Swimming Club
Savanna Bourke St Peter's Swimming Club
Spencer Cleland St Peter's Swimming Club
Amelia Glover St Peter's Swimming Club
Kaitlyn Heaslip St Peter's Swimming Club
Grace Ingram St Peter's Swimming Club
Danielle Joblin St Peter's Swimming Club
Aishlyn Lawton St Peter's Swimming Club
Rivi Maling St Peter's Swimming Club
Jorja Metcalfe St Peter's Swimming Club
Georgia Moess St Peter's Swimming Club
Jade Morrison St Peter's Swimming Club
Isabelle Murray St Peter's Swimming Club
Mathew Peacock St Peter's Swimming Club
Sonya Price St Peter's Swimming Club
Hunter Read St Peter's Swimming Club
Kacey Scown St Peter's Swimming Club
Anna Smith St Peter's Swimming Club
Milana Tapper St Peter's Swimming Club
Alyssa Tapper St Peter's Swimming Club
Libby Tonks St Peter's Swimming Club
Jamie-lyn van Niekerk St Peter's Swimming Club
Georgia Willats St Peter's Swimming Club
Isabella Wilson St Peter's Swimming Club
Josh Workman St Peter's Swimming Club
Kenzie Workman St Peter's Swimming Club
Ayla Davie Te Aroha Swim Club
Georgie Workman Te Aroha Swim Club
David Bom Te Awamutu Swim Club
Zara Brennan-Shaw Te Awamutu Swim Club
Breanna Doig Te Awamutu Swim Club
Jenna Easton Te Awamutu Swim Club
Isabella Greer Te Awamutu Swim Club
Jetta Kete Te Awamutu Swim Club
Natasha Linton Te Awamutu Swim Club
TeWehi Mareikura Te Awamutu Swim Club
Samantha White Te Awamutu Swim Club
Michaela White Te Awamutu Swim Club
Teresa Barriball Thames Swim Club
Luke Bowman Thames Swim Club
Lucas Dowty Thames Swim Club
Rhona McInnes Thames Swim Club
Jade Palethorpe Thames Swim Club
Sophie Perry Thames Swim Club
Jessica Sara Thames Swim Club
Ciara Hennessy Waihi Swimming Club
Zeta Schuler Waihi Swimming Club
Lillie Tai Waihi Swimming Club

Our new Individual Medley Pathway Squad

Hopefully you’re aware that our Regional Development Pathway challenges us to provide development opportunities for swimmers from within our Region.

Another new initiative is the “Individual Medley Pathway Squad” – here’s the background to the squad -


Swimming Waikato is introducing a new initiative to add to the Development Pathway, one that will ensure that there will be sustainability within the sport in the Waikato through to 2020 and beyond.

The Objective -

Identifying groups of young swimmers who are demonstrating a high level of skill in the 4 competitive strokes and who have demonstrated that they have consistently competed and progressed through Swim Waikato’s XLR8 Achievers Club.

Encouraging swimmers to focus on a broad skill base developing and acquiring the skills of the four competitive strokes.

Outcomes -

Regular one day coaching sessions which will be designed to develop a strong team culture, tracking and  evaluation of skill development, monitoring physical competencies each year and planning stimulating and challenging activities which will be aimed at retaining the swimmers in the sport.

Parents will be offered educational workshops each year that will address important stages of the swimmers development along the pathway, nutrition, training expectations, psychology etc.

Selection –

 The selection into this IM group will always remain open and will be added to through to 2020, as the group matures, as 14, 15 and 16 year olds.

If coaches believe they have a swimmer who is in this age range (born 2003 – 2005) and who has the required skills, they can submit an application to the Hub Head Coach to observe the swimmer at any LC competition through subsequent years.

Swimmers can also be removed from the group if, in subsequent years, their commitment to training and other requirements does not keep up with a standard (FINA Points / time, poor skill development) that is expected of a swimmer of their age.

Here's a list of our initial selection into the IM Pathway Squad.  This initial selection is for Females born in the years 2003 - 2005.  Please note that a Boys squad (with a different selection criteria) will be selected by the end of March.

Amelia Glover St Peters
Anna Smith St Peters
Camryn Williams Fairfield
Charlize Tordoff Ace
Estella Wainui-Mackle Ace
Hannah Ford St Pauls
Hannah Morgan Hillcrest
Jamie-lyn van Niekerk St Peters
Jodie Ranui Huntly
Jordyn Williams Fairfield
Kaitlyn Heaslip St Peters
Kelly Lewis Fairfield
Laura Littlejohn St Pauls
Nikita Coleman St Pauls
Olivia Bayne Ace
Rylee Britton St Peters
Sarah Wilson Ace
Savanna Bourke St Peters
Tayla Taupaki Whangamata
TeWehi Maraeuikura Te Awamutu
Trinaka Kenny Hillcrest
Xanthe Wainui-Mackle Ace

Head Coach
: Clive Power
Manager: Caroline (Caro) Cameron  (Ace Swimming Club)

Fairfield Festival Meet

The Fairfield Swimming Club are hosting their annual Fairfield Festival meet at the Fairfield College pool on Sunday the 12th of February.

Due to the overwhelming number of entries for this meet, they have had to bring the start time forward.  Warm-up will now start at 9.30am with racing starting at 10.15am.  There will be a half hour break after event 8 at approximately 1.15pm.

The estimated finishing time is 4.30pm.  Please note this is an estimate only.


Our Zonal Aquaknights

Check out the Waikato swimmers who are part of the Aquaknights team competing in the SNZ Zonal Champs in Auckland on the 11th of February.  Our swimmers will be joined by Australian superstar Emily Seebohm.

Junior Team -

Amber Booth
Jack Lees
Ben Littlejohn
Gina McCarthy
Sarah Miller
Kaitlyn Sosa
Peyton Tofaeono
Sarah Wilson

Senior Team -

Bradlee Ashby
Claudia Ashby
Daniel Caldwell
Jess Chapman
Matthew Hyde
Andrew Jeffcoat
Vanessa Ouwehand
Grace Soo Choon
Katlyn Steedman
Max Stubbs

Two of our Waikato Coaches, Ken Nixon and Matt White, will be supporting the team and we wish this lot all the very best.

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