Gina McCarthy

You’ve probably seen Gina around the pool – often dancing, sometimes wearing a giraffe hat, always socialising, always willing to stop for a chat.  What you might not know about Gina is that she currently holds 25 Waikato Long Course Records, and 30 Waikato Short Course Records.  She’ll tell you that none of those are in butterfly – but she’s working hard at that stroke!

She also holds the New Zealand Long and Short Course 200m IM records (for 14 year old girls), and the New Zealand Short Course Record for 800m Freestyle (13 year old girls).

You might be aware that Swimming NZ send out certificates to New Zealand’s top XLR8 points winners (by age group) every two months, and Gina has been at the top of her age group since November 2014.  It’s got to the point where SNZ just send the certificates to Gina every six months !!

Pink is her favourite colour – and she has an array of pink training gear.  There is one exception, and that’s her purple kick board.

Gina trains at Hillcrest, under Head Coach Matt Teokotai-White.  Her weekly programme includes 8 pool sessions, and a couple of strength and conditioning sessions across the road at Athletes House.

We knew there was way more to Gina – so we sent our roaming Reporter, Nanette Felton, over to the Hillcrest Club to ask her a few questions.