Samuel Perry

Sam Perry Stanford

Samuel Perry

Swimmer, Stanford University

Waikato Swimmer helps Stanford win Pac 12 Championship

Sam Perry helped his Stanford University swim team win its 32nd Pac12 championship this weekend in Seattle, Washington.

The Pac12s conference includes the top division one swim teams across the western (Pacific) United States.

Perry won both the 50 and 100 freestyle events and also qualified for the NCAA championships to be held in Atlanta on March 24-26.

Currently there are around a dozen New Zealand swimmers based in the US swimming in the NCAA, including Commonwealth Games representative Corey Main (Florida), and NZ age and open record holders Matt Hutchins (Wisconsin), and Natasha Lloyd (Auburn).

Many New Zealand world championship and Olympic medal winners have “cut their teeth” in the NCAA including greats Lauren Boyle, Gary Hurring, Olympic medalists Anthony Mosse and Paul Kingsman.

To get a feel for what the Pac12s is all about, see here;
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