Pre-Activation Videos

Swimming Waikato’s partnership with Wintec’s Sports Science and Human Performance Department is making huge strides in developing our swimmers in the region and one key project is the development of what we believe is a world class pre-activation programme which is available to every coach and every swimmer in our region.  We’re confident that our swimmers will benefit hugely through increased flexibility/mobility, body awareness, movement literacy and injury prevention.  The pre-activation programme also doubles as  entry level strength & conditioning support for junior swimmers.

The programme has been developed, ostensibly, as a swimming-specific warm up, and each and every one of our swimmers will benefit from carrying it out before training and competition .

The is available online in high resolution video-file format.   Swimmers and coaches can access these videos on their phones, ipads or laptops.  Each video is accompanied by an instructional voice-over to ensure that the swimmer focuses on the correct technique when carrying out the exercise.

To live stream the pre-activation video – click HERE.

Or to download the video – click HERE.