XLR8 Achievers Club

The Talent Identification tier of our Regional Swimming Hub summarises the importance of our younger swimmers focusing on “broad skill development, acquiring the skills of swimming the four competitive stokes.”

And we’ve developed our XLR8 Achievers Club to encourage our swimmers to focus on this aspect of their development.

The Club is based on Swimming New Zealand’s XLR8 programme, where swimmers score points across a combination of events and are ranked nationally on their performance.  The programme recognises versatility and all-round ability, rewarding correct application of the processes necessary for long term athlete development.

We’ve taken our Club one step further –

Our XLR8 Achievers Club is for our junior competitive and club swimmers (aged 12 and under).  It’s all about providing these young swimmers with training and competitive opportunities designed to keep them in the sport longer and develop all the skills they need to become great swimmers.  And it rewards these swimmers for their improved performances as they work their way through the three levels of the Club –

  • 1.5k Club
  • 2k Club
  • 2.5k Club

Click HERE for more information about our XLR8 Achievers Club.  And please note that the 100m IM event can not be used as part of the XLR8 points calculation.


We calculate our XLR8 points using the Take Your Marks website which allows us to update our records every two months.  So every two months, we’ll update our XLR8 Achievers Club membership, award badges to those who have earned new ones, and update the list below.

And at the end of each year, we’ll name our XLR8 Achievers Club Members for that calendar year.  Many of our swimmers may be XLR8 Achievers Club members over many years which is a great achievement.  But it’s important to note that they’ll only receive one set of XLR8 Achievers Club badges.

Below is the list of swimmers who were members in 2016 because they had achieved a minimum of 1,500 XLR8 points.

And we’re underway with naming our 2017 list – you’ll find that document below also.