Swim Waipa Club #TASC

Swim Waipa Club #TASC is an integral part of the Swim Waipa programme.
Our vision at Swim Waipa is: “To ensure our community members (6 months +) are safe and respect the water, have fun and develop a lifelong love of swimming. A natural by-product of this will be swimmers reaching their potential in the pool.”
Swim Waipa provides a comprehensive learn to swim and squad swimming programme. Squad swimming is holistic, flexible and develops swimmers at the appropriate pace for their age and stage ensuring they are reaching their potential.
Swim Waipa Club #TASC ensures swimmers who want to be involved in competitive swimming are fully supported.
We believe a balanced approach to training and competing will ensure swimmers stay in the sport longer and will develop a life-long love for the sport.

Te Awamutu Event Centre
3 Selwyn Lane
Te Awamutu 3800

Postal address: Te Awamutu Event Centre
3 Selwyn Lane
Te Awamutu 3800

Director of Swimming: Gaylene Eyre [email protected]
Coach: Jo Sullivan (All contact through Director of Swimming)
Chairman: Todd Hagan [email protected]
Secretary: Gaylene Eyre [email protected]
Treasurer: Linda Ayson [email protected]
Recorder:  Gaylene Eyre [email protected]
Technical Official: TBA

Website:  https://www.gowaipa.com