Congratulations to all swimmer who have qualified for the 2020 Swimming Waikato Regional Squads. I want to thank all of you who took the time to apply, we had a fantastic number of applications to review.

Overall, we received 85 individual applications, on top of this we have added several Wild Card entries which have taken our squad total beyond that of 2019. This is even more impressive considering that we had tightened the qualification criteria from 2018, so well done to all the swimmers, coaches and clubs for stepping up.

The Regional Squads are designed to help support the ambitions of the Waikato’s top-performing and up and coming swimmers and to help these swimmers navigate their way towards their individual goals, whatever they may be.  It is to complement the great work being carried out at the home clubs and to help bring together our coaches, swimmers and a multitude of experts to share ideas and to progress as one.

Encouraging has been the number of swimmers who will be representing the region for the first time, it is fantastic to see so many young swimmers progressing through. Another positive is that we have a good spread of qualifications from throughout the region, a sign of the great work going on within the Waikato.

We have an exciting year ahead, full of development opportunities to suit all squads and swimmers. Information on all Squad dates and initiatives are available in the Regional Squads Information Handbook. We will also be holding a Squads Information Day on the 13th of February at the Cambridge Velodrome; it is expected that all swimmers are represented by at least one parent or care provider.

Congratulation again to all swimmers who have been selected, It is my hope that you promote the very best of our region and that you work hard to advance the sport of swimming in the Waikato and beyond.

Darren Ward – Regional Hub Director