Our Officials

What They Do

Our Officials

Our officials are a key part of our swimming community.  Without officials, swimming simply wouldn’t exist – and in the Waikato, we’re lucky to have some of New Zealand’s best.   

They call themselves a ‘family’ and they give up literally hours of their time each year to support the delivery of swim meets throughout the Waikato. 

Many of our officials’ children have long since left the sport, but they continue to take leave from their jobs and give up their weekends to help us deliver swimming events, understanding the importance of the role they play and enjoying giving back to the communities where they live.

Our group of officials are led by our technical panel who have been qualified officials for many years and are hugely experienced in all things swimming.  

Who They Are

Our Team of Officials

You will have seen them on pool deck and we’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for the role they play in delivering swimming

Fairfield Swimming Club

Liz Agnew
Linda Bulman
Gavin Ion
Brent Kennedy
Sean Lewis
Jan Missen
Grant Sirl

Hamilton Aquatics

Wendy Smith
David Musto
Lynelle Flynn
Niall Broekhuizen
Pearl Parsons
Steven Parsons
Edward Hardie
Kieran McCarthy
Jean Baker
Rachel Kennedy
Keith Baker
Carole Berry
Stu Woods
Gina McCarthy
Russell Strange

St Peter’s Swimming Club

Mike Elliott
Alan Hunt
Georgina Kervin
Ruth Ouwehand
George Prescott
Kazuko Tapper
Karen Walworth

Huntly Swimming Club

Andrew Bruning
Michael Cresswell
Nigel Roberts

Matamata Swimming Club

Nigel Rogers
Jason Roberts
Yvonne Voss

St Paul’s Swimming Club

Rachel Board
Jenny Jago

Swim Waipa #TASC

Wendy Dickson
Graeme Parkes
Glen Ward

Thames Swimming Club

Susan Barriball

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