Welcome to the Homepage of the Swimming Waikato Regional Squads

The Swimming Waikato Regional Squads have been around for over a decade– starting as IM and age based development squads in the late 2009/2010 (prior to that we had train with a champion stroke development days throughout the 2000s) moving to the more consistent format we have had over the last 5-6 years.
As we continue to move towards Paris 2024, LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032 and everything in between the focus of our squads at all levels continues to evolve and adapt to best suit the needs of our wider group of swimmers to ensure we contribute positively to the needs and provide the tools at all levels to keep upping our performances in the pool. 

All Squad opportunities are discussed in collaboration with the Swimming Waikato Snr Coaching Group, alongside our Regional Squad Lead, Alison Fitch, and the administration team at Swimming Waikato. 


Regional Squads Pathway

2024/25 Squads Criteria & Applications

Example: A 12-year old female swimmer aiming to qualify for ‘Regional Pathway’ would need to achieve an average of 350 World Aquatic Points (WAP) across 3 different events. Flora Macdonald (12yrs) 200IM = 341 Points, 200 Freestyle 380 Points, 100 Backstroke 350 Fina Points / divided by 3 = 357!

How to Apply:

  • Junior XLR8 – No application required

  • Regional Pathway Squad – Link below

  • Regional Age Squad – Link below

  • Regional Performance Centre (RPC) can be found by following this link (Click)

If additional support is required, please feel free to contact – [email protected] 
At the bottom of this page, you will also find our FAQ’s which might help to answer any additional questions you may have.

Application Links

Regional Age Squad

Regional Pathway Squad

Regional Squad Oppertunities


Delivering a comprehensive training program that immerses athletes in a daily, athlete-centered environment for swimming development.

RPC’s VISION – To create an athlete centric environment that drives swimmers to win medals at pinnacle international events.

RPC’s PURPOSE – Bringing together like-minded swimmers to achieve a common goal, through world-class coaching and accountability to the process of becoming professional/elite athletes and leaders within the community.


  • Accountability – Honest application to the standards you have set for yourself.

  • Perseverance – Learning through experience and never giving up in pursuit of your goal.

  • Support – Celebrating teammate’s successes.

  • Excellence – Aiming to perform at a world-class standard daily.

For more information on the RPC, following the link to the Program webpage



Domestic training opportunities, as well as an out of region, or international tour.
Tour dates and locations have been discussed, however we are awaiting SNZ’s Competition Review before announcing.

Squad Specific Educational Sessions:
Strength and Conditioning

Kit – to be issued to those swimmers who are touring with the squad. All swimmers will receive a Swimming Waikato training cap.


Domestic training opportunities, as well as an out of region tour.
Tour dates and locations have been discussed, however we are awaiting SNZ’s Competition Review before announcing.

Squad Specific Educational Sessions:
Strength and Conditioning

Kit – to be issued to those swimmers who are touring with the squad. All swimmers will receive a Swimming Waikato training cap.


Qualifying for this squad is based off all listed XLR8 achievers club swimmers who achieve more than 1500 xlr8 points within the qualifying period of July 1st through to April 30th. The squad is capped at the highest achieving 30 athletes and the cut off of selected points scores is at discretion of coaching group.

10, 11 & 12-year-old swimmers who are our highest pointed young athletes through our XLR8 achievers programme over the qualifying period will have the opportunity to attend four annual Swimming Waikato Stroke Clinics. Swimmers already on Pathway Squads will not qualify for these stroke clinics. The Chief Executive may at his discretion select Wild Card entries for this Squad. This squad will include up to 30 swimmers in each season.

Swimmers who qualify for the Stroke Clinics will be contacted by Swimming Waikato, therefore are not required to fill out an application form.

For more information on Swimming Waikato’s XLR8 Achievers Club please visit our website at: https://swimmingwaikato.co.nz/xlr8-achievers-club/ 

Operational Leadership

Coaching Leadership

The Swimming Waikato Regional Squads is a ‘Coach-Led’ program, with input, guidance and delivery supported by the Swimming Waikato Coaching Leadership Group. The program is led by the Regional Squad Lead, Alison Fitch in colaboration with the Managment of Swimming Waikato and the pre-mentioned Coaching Leadership Group. 

We encourage all member coaches to get involved with the Regional Squads and support our regional based swimmers.
Contact for more details [email protected]

Alison Fitch – Regional Squad Lead 
Mat Woofe – Hamilton Aquatics
Graham Smith – St Paul’s Swimming Club
Zac Taylor – St Peter’s
Jeremy Tasker – St Paul’s Swimming Club


International Rep Funding


Where do I find my World Aquatics Points?

These can be found from the Swimming NZ Database, located under your personal profile when logged into Fastlane.

When is the annual qualification window?

Swimmers will have between 1st December and 31st of May annually to qualify 

Can I use points from the same event?

No. Swimmers cannot score points from the same event more than once within the qualification window.

Can I use 'short course' times?

Long Course times will be prioritised over Short Course times in all applications, however they can be used. Please ensure you clearly indicate if you are using Long Course (50m pool), or Short Course (25m pool) times.

What is the Age as of Date?

Age as of 30th April to align with Swimming NZ Age at Date

Why do swimmers aged 12-14 have to qualify using 3 separate events?

We do this to ensure diversity of events are being targeted. At a young age, we like swimmers to give other events a go, offering them opportunities to see where their own skills may lie. If swimmers stick to the same, short events, they may never know if they can excel in other strokes and distances. Who knows, you might be a World Class 200 Butterfly swimmer???

When will Squads be announced?

We aim to announce those who have made Squads in June annually

Who choses the Squads?

Selection of all Squads is a multi-part process, involving the Operational Team at Swimming Waikato, as well as the Regional Squads ‘Coaching Leadership, all led by our Regional Squads Lead, Alison Fitch. All applications are carefully vetted to ensure the information provided is correct and that the appropriate squad is being selected. We do our utmost to ensure all ‘Home Coaches’ are involved int he process, however this requires significant buy-in from all parties.

Squad selection is always a lengthy process, as we strive to ensure we are offering the appropriate ‘age’ and ‘stage’ appropriate support for the individual swimmer.

Will I be expected to go on Tour with my Squad?

It is more than likely that all Squads, barring the Junior XLR8 Squad, will travel out of region or country to compete. Touring with the Squads is a big part of swimmer development and therefore it will be expected that all swimmers who apply for ‘Regional Pathway Squad’ and above, are aiming to travel and compete.

Where can I find out more information on the Regional Performance Centre (RPC)?

The RPC has it’s on webpage, please follow the link (Click

Can I be supported if I chose not to join the RPC?

Swimming Waikato will continue to support swimmers who qualify for, but that chose not join the RPC. This will be discussed on an individual athlete basis. Please note that all RPC swimmers will retain membership of their ‘Home Club’, so long as it belongs to the Swimming Waikato membership.

The Squad Structure altered from 2023/24 to 2024/25, why was this?

Our Regional Squads Program continues to evolve as it has done over the last decade. With the introduction of the Regional Performance Centre (RPC), some changes have been made to our Age Group program, with the merging of our previously known ‘Potential Squad’ and ‘Youth Performance Squad’, into the newly formed ‘Regional Age Squad. 

We will continue to ensure the Regional Squad Program remains fit for purpose and that it offers the ‘age’ and ‘stage’ appropriate support for swimmers in our region.

Are Squad costs subsidised?

We work hard to ensure we keep all associated costs of our Squads as low as possible. Our sponsorship with Teamline focuses on kitting our swimmers out an no additional cost to families; in addition, we aim to attract sponsorship, where possible, to cover the increasing costs of operating such an initiative. 

Planning ahead, alongside our Coaches, allows us to ensure our travel and acom bookings are made well in advance, and coming in at a cheaper cost for our families. 

I have another question, who do I contact to ask?

Regional Squad Lead, Alison Fitch [email protected] 

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