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Our updated Strategic Plan has a big focus on delivering swim teacher and coach development opportunities so that we can support our coaches and swim teachers to deliver fantastic programmes to the swimmers within their clubs.

In early 2018, we looked closely at the coach education programmes available through Swimming New Zealand and the New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (NZSCTA). We have undertaken an honest review of what we have delivered over the past two years and  identified a number of gaps in the information that is readily available for our coaches and swim teachers.

As a result, we’ve developed a Swimming Waikato Coach Development Pathway that offers opportunities for our coaches and swim teachers to develop skills and knowledge in the areas of real relevance for them.

The pathway includes the delivery of SNZ qualifications, access to online education modules, clinics, mentoring and scholarships. 

The starting point in our pathway is the Teacher of Competitive Strokes Course (TOCs).   Once that qualification is achieved, it opens the door for a wide variety of development opportunities and support.

See below for more information about our Coach Development Pathway and if you’re interested in jumping aboard, please contact Darren – [email protected]


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