Our HAVE-A-GO program is all about providing an opportunity for kids to connect with their local swimming club and to help kick start a life-long love of swimming

Our Have-A-Go Swimming days are designed to cater for all levels of swimming ability and to ensure all participants have a fun swimming experience.

With the amazing support of our ‘Have-A-Go’ sponsors, BlueFloat Energy and Elemental Group, all participants will receive a Swimming Starter Pack filled with a set of Arena Junior Goggles, Swimming Waikato Cap, and lots of other goodies, to get your swimming journey underway!


  • It is free for everyone 
  • All participants receive a ‘Have-A-Go’ Starter Pack!
  • See our upcoming Have-a-Go events below
  • Waikato & South Auckland locations available 
  • Please feel free to get in touch with any queries!



  • Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill

  • Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture


  • Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities


  • Opens the door to a world of aquatic opportunities (water-polo, surfing-lifesaving, diving, triathlon, surfing and many more!)



    What does the 'Have-A-Go' Clinic Involve?

    The content of the day will vary from location to location; however, the fundamental delivery will be a basic introduction to swimming.

    Q. My child has never competed in a swimming race, is that okay?

    Absolutely! Our goal is to offer a supportive environment as kids give racing a go for the first time.

    Q. Does my child need to be part of a Club to attend?

    No. The only requirement we have is that kids are able to swim 25m without assistance

    Q. Will I be able to speak to someone about joining a club?

    All Clinics will be supported by one of our Member Swimming Clubs and will be on-hand to not only support your child but also provide any help with supporting ‘Your Next Strokes’ in swimming.

    Q. Can my child join a Swimming Waikato club and chose not to compete?

    You bet they can. Our clubs usually offer plenty of swimming options which support all swimming goals (Fitness, Competitive, Social, Skill Development).

    Is there a cost to participate?

    Not a cent. Our Clinics are generously supported by Blue Float Energy & Elemental Group.

    Q. Where can I learn more about my local swimming club?

    Please find our list of all Swimming Waikato Member Clubs (Waikato & South Auckland) – Click

    Q. Who can I contact if I want more information?
    What is included in the 'Have-A-Go' Starter Packs?

    All participants will receive a ‘Have-A-Go’ swimming bag, which will have a pair of Arena goggles, branded swimming cap, as well as a voucher for Teamline, our swimwear and apparel sponsor. We will also include information on how to support your next steps in your swimming journey.


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