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The Swimming Waikato MPA can be contacted (in confidence) via the online support contact form below if you have any concerns or queries around any Member Protection issue. This is a free advice service from a fully qualified and independent advisor who has spent the last 10 years as a detective sergeant, working within a Child Protection Team and is therefore a great addition to Swimming Waikato in respect of member protection.

The role of Swimming Waikato’s MPA is not to investigate a complaint but to support the individual or club through the complaint process by offering expert advice and support. Anyone who has a child safety concern can bypass the MPA and go directly to Oranga Tamariki / Ministry for Children , or the Police

The identity of the MPA will remain confidential, however if required, our CEO will work with the MPA to monitor the level and type of contact being made and will decide, in consultation with the MPA, whether this anonymity should be continued.  

Member Protection Support

Member protection allows all members to take part in activities, free from harassment, discrimination, abuse and other harmful behaviours. 
For further information, please refer to Swimming Waikato’s Member Protection Policy by clicking the button below:

Swimming Waikato Member Protection Advisor (MPA)

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All messages will be sent directly to the MPA. The SW office will not recieve a direct copy.


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