It was with great pride and satisfaction that we watched via online stream, both Waikato touring teams compete in Australia.
With the Potential Squad attending the Victorian Age Group Champs and the TAPS Squad taking on the challenge of the Queensland Championships.

As expected, both these meets offered testing conditions and some very stiff opposition in the pool. These competitions are about challenging our swimmers to get the best of themselves and to see what they are truly capable of.

There was plenty to be excited about in the pool with stacks of personal bests, Waikato records, medals and a host of evening finals swims from both meets.

I was extremely proud of both teams and how they handled themselves over in Australia. These meets are vital for our swimmers in developing key race skills and coping strategies in what are challenging conditions, but also to show that we ‘can’ aim and punch high against some of the very best… If we don’t go we will never know, there is, of course, a need to compete within NZ but it is also essential to get offshore and take on the World if we want to kick on. Darren Ward – Regional Hub Director

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible (so much goes on behind the scenes), your support is so valuable to the future of the regional program and to providing these opportunities. A special mention to the excellent coaching and management team that offered a phenomenal level of support for these swimmers, not just in Australia but in the planning stages leading into this meet.

Victorian Age Group Championships Team 2019
Danielle Joblin – STP
Savanna Bourke – STP
Carlos Hardie – HAM
Boston Tordoff – SPC
Jade Houston – STP
Jordan Rogers – MAT
Rylee Britton – STP

Queensland Championships Team 2019
Luke Mitchell (C) – STP
Danyon Hardie = HAM
Caleb Thomas – STP
William Crofskey – STP
Ben Littlejohn – SPC
Holly Isaac – STP
Sarah Miller – SPC
Laura Littlejohn – SPC
Gina McCarthy – HAM
Thomas Griffin – STP

Rachael Thomas – Queensland Team Manager
Angela Bourke – VictoriaTeam Manager
Mat Woofe – Queensland Coach
Alison Fitch – Victoria Coach
Graham Smith – Queensland Coach

Angeline Hardie – Bookings and Admin
Swim T3 – Kit Sponsor