To our Regional & National Swimming Family

By now you will most likely be aware of the recent Government Covid-19 information, that being that we are now at Alert Level 3, with it moving to Level 4 in 48 hours.

What does it mean? This means we all need to stay at home in self-isolation effective immediately, for at least the next four weeks.  Public facilities, schools and universities will close along with all non-essential businesses.  Pharmacies, clinics, supermarkets and lifeline utilities will all remain open.

I know the current situation will be frightening for some and that you will no doubt have concerns. The current measures that we are being asked to endure are to make sure we are ahead of the curve and that we can collectively kick Covid-19 to touch.

New Zealand has witnessed the rest of the World coping with his virus and therefore we are in a better position to do what others might not have had the time to do, so please listen and adhere to government advice.

I know the greater swimming community will stick together through the upcoming weeks and that we will share plenty of laughs and challenges through online platforms, how fortunate we are to stay together, apart.

Although we cannot access our office, Swimming Waikato will remain open and will endeavour to serve our community and beyond.

All the information coming from our Government is here and a table of the Alert Levels is attached.

Take care of yourself and each other

Darren Ward – Regional Hub Director