Please see below some recent developments on our future relations with the Aquaknights Zone

In 2005 Swimming Waikato, alongside Swimming Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay Poverty Bay entered into a collective project under the banner of the legal entity, Central Swimming which incorporated the Aquaknights competition zone.

On 7 August 2018, Swimming Waikato officially withdrew from Central Swimming Inc. At the time, we were clear on our intent. It was to remove ourselves from the legal liability that came with being a member of an Incorporated Society with an administrative function that was not adequately supporting the programme delivery. Since our withdrawal, Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay and Taranaki have also withdrawn from Central Swimming Incorporated, leaving Swimming Bay of Plenty as the only member of Central Swimming.There was an acceptance, that an over-reliance on volunteers to deliver in this space, coupled with the different operating models of the four regions, as well as the geographical challenges of the Aquaknights Zone, has become a constraint to the programme being able to evolve and grow. It was the view of the Waikato Senior Coaching Group and the Swimming Waikato Board that Central Swimming (Aquaknights) programme had plateaued as a result of these constraints and was unlikely to grow any further without a significant change to the delivery model.

As a result, Swimming Waikato are currently no longer involved with the planning or execution of competitions or swimmer and coach development programs utilising the Aquaknights brand. We are, however, still committed to supporting Swimming New Zealand’s (Aquaknights) Zonal Juniors competition and are certain that there will be other opportunities for individual swimmers, coaches, clubs and/or regions to work with the Waikato going forward.

This position should not be seen as Swimming Waikato shutting the door on any future type collaboration between us. We are certain that there will be other opportunities for individual swimmers, coaches, clubs and/or regions to work with the region or individual clubs going forward
Since 2015, our own Hub programme has become embedded into our regional delivery and the creation of my role in December 2017 has allowed us to continue to grow the programmes, initiatives and development opportunities that form part of our Hub programme today.

Creating and operating our Regional Hub has by no means been an easy undertaking for Swimming Waikato. It has required considerable leadership and commitment across our community, i.e. clubs, coaches, administrators and the Swimming Waikato Board, to make this happen, and it still requires an ongoing commitment and support from all involved to continue to grow and evolve the programme.

I would like to thank the Waikato Senior Coaching Group for their valuable feedback on this matter and to the Swimming Waikato Board for their continued correspondence with our neighbouring regions in relation to this matter.

Darren Ward – Regional Hub Director