Waikato Swimming Community

Over the next few days and weeks, we will endeavour to update you all with current information relating to Covid-19 and what we can do to stay physically and mentally healthy. At this moment most aquatics facilities and clubs are still operational but we do ask that you follow the guidance below from the Ministry of Health and The World Health Organisation (WHO). These are challenging times for everyone, not just those involved within our swimming community, so please take care of yourself and each other.

We do ask that is anyone does show symptoms that you refrain from attending training and that you follow the steps issued by the Ministry of Health 

Swimming Waikato and Board Members will continue to seek advice from our National Governing Body as well as Regional and National Sporting Bodies and of course Government.



Please see below some important recommendations from Swimming New Zealand


Hygiene for swimmers

  • If you’re sick, don’t go to training
  • Limit physical contact like shaking hands. Greet clubmates and opponents with ankle and elbow bumps, or an East Coast wave instead
  • Irrespective of COVID-19, water bottles shouldn’t be shared. All swimmers should have their own
  • Don’t share drinks, towels, lip balm or sunscreen, bring your own


Advice for clubs and organisations

  • If anyone associated with your club or organisation is feeling unwell, they should immediately self-isolate, refrain from all swimming activities straight away and seek medical advice by calling Healthline on 0800 611 116
  • Consider whether competitions or events that may attract large crowds can be delayed or cancelled
  • Place signs around your club and swimming pool, reminding your members about the risks posed by COVID-19 and encouraging basic hygiene
  • Place hand sanitizers around changing and club rooms, and encourage people to use them
  • Ensure swimmer facilities are maintained and cleaned to a high standard with appropriate cleaning agents, and consider cleaning them more regularly
  • Work with other clubs that share facilities, if appropriate, to ensure a consistent approach

Swimming Waikato will continue to take advice from the NZ Government, Ministry of Health and Swimming New Zealand