After a long period of consultation with numerous agencies, including Sport New Zealand, Swimming New Zealand, Hamilton City Council and many more, we are able to finally publish our Hit Out Meet, competition information (below).

Hit Out Meet 21 – Meet Information 30 11 21

There will be two meets set up online to enter on Fastlane, Swim Waikato Hit Out Meet Morning and Swim Waikato Hit Out Meet Afternoon. You can only pick one of these meets to enter.

As of the 3rd of December, Waikato will be in Orange and Auckland Red under the Covid Protection Framework, however we have chosen to keep the 2 x 100 format to avoid further potential disturbance and provide swimmer, staff, and venue clarity if the Waikato is reclassified into RED.

Any questions around entries can be emailed to our Meet Recorder, Kaye-Marie [email protected]

These are extremely challenging times for all, so we ask for your patience whilst we navigate through these tough times and also to remember to treat others with dignity and respect.

Stay Classy!