Our Swimming Waikato Junior XLR8 Program browser, powered by Pushstack, is now LIVE and ready to view 👀
As with any new program with this level of technical jiggery, there may be some creases to iron out, fingers crossed it goes ‘swimmingly’ (sorry, not sorry) from here.
We would like to thank the team at Pushstack for their countless hours of work on this program and for allowing us to finally be able to run this program direct from NZ (previously Sweden…yup!)
Updated: The webpage is now LIVE on the Swimming Waikato website, click icon above or the link below:
Lastly, a full program overview will be provided to all Swimming Waikato clubs and coaches over the next few weeks. If any immediate questions, please feel free to contact: [email protected]
Junior XLR8 Program Guide
– How do I get started?
  • Ensure you are a registered, competitive or club swimmer with Swimming Waikato
  • Swim at any meet in the four event combination below and you will gain XLR8 Points. These events can be swum over a number of meets within the year
  • XLR8 points are automatically calculated once the competition results are uploaded
  • All results and rankings are available exclusively on the Swimming Waikato website
– Where do I collect Points?

Swimmers can gain points from competing at any registered swim meet, both within and outside of the Swimming Waikato region.
– Make sure to check out our competitive calendar for upcoming meets.

– Junior XLR8 Badges
There are three stages to the Swimming Waikato Junior XLR8 Program (1.5k, 2k, & 2.5k stages). Once each stage has been achieved, the swimmer will automatically receive the appropriate stage badge, as well as certificate to celebrate their individual success.

– Age & Events Combinations