As the curtain comes down on the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, we look back on what has been our most successful games to date.

Our Swimming Waikato swimmers have given us some incredible highs over the last few weeks as we witnessed results, many would have, until now, thought unthinkable. Leaving Birmingham with 2 GOLD and 2 SILVER medals is an incredible achievement and a result that we wont be forgetting in a hurry. These results have helped New Zealand to a TOP 4 finish on the overall medal table, ahead of South Africa and Scotland.

We had a five representatives, Joshua Willmer (PUK), Jesse Reynolds (HAM), Andrew Jeffcoat (PUK), Kirsten Fisher-Marsters (HAM), and Tupou Neiufi (PUK), representing New Zealand and Cook Islands respectively.  We would like to acknowledge each swimmer, their respective home clubs and coaches, for the time and hard work that goes in to not only qualifying for these events but putting in such incredible performances on the day.

One of the key messages from a regional perspective has been the importance of acknowledging the importance of each club, coach and stage of our swimmers development. From Learn to Swim, to Development Club to Snr Club, each entity has a huge role to play in the development of our swimmers and the individual success they might achieve. A prime example of this would be the progression from Coromandel Swimming Club to Fairfield and then to Pukekohe for Andrew Jeffcoat, each individual stage playing a key role in Andrew’s overall development.

We would like to everyone who has played their part in supporting these swimmers, their clubs and of course, Swimming Waikato.

Results Overview

Andrew Jeffcoat
– 50 Backstroke GOLD & National Record
– 100 Backstroke 4th

Joshua Willmer
– 100 Breaststroke SB8 GOLD
– 100 Backstroke S9 7th

Tupou Neiufi
– 100 Backstroke s8 SILVER
– 100 Freestyle S9 8th

Jesse Reynolds
– 100 Backstroke S9 SILVER
– 100 Breaststroke SB8 4th

Kirsten Fisher-Marsters
– 100 Breaststroke 18th (SF Reserve)
– 50 Breaststroke 18th (SF Reserve)