It is with deep sorrow that the swimming community mourns the passing of Jeannie Sibun, a beloved and iconic figure whose dedication to the sport spanned over four decades. Since 1983, Jeannie immersed herself in the world of swimming, leaving her mark on everyone she encountered. She was a long-standing member of the Papatoetoe Swimming Club, President of Swimming Counties Manukau and a life member.

Jeannie was widely respected as an official and assessor, with an unwavering commitment to the integrity of competitive swimming. Many swimmers affectionately referred to her as “Swimming Nana,” a testament to her nurturing and supportive nature both in and out of the pool.

In addition to her roles on deck, Jeannie was a dedicated taskmaster in the recording room. Her legacy as a passionate advocate for swimming and a mentor to generations of athletes and officials will endure as a lasting testament to her remarkable life.

In honouring Jeannie Sibun’s memory, the swimming community reflects on her profound impact and remembers her as a true champion who dedicated her life to the sport she loved dearly.