Our Olympians

Bradlee Ashby

What sports did you play when you were growing up ?
Sports – cricket, soccer, tennis, basketball

How old were you when you first started seriously training for swimming and can you share a few memories about those sessions ?
I started swimming seriously when I was 12 and those sessions have been very similar to what I have been doing in the past 18 months – full on and intense!

Why did you choose swimming ?
I chose swimming because I was naturally gifted at it and it is something that I really love to do

When you were an age group swimmer, was competing at national events a real goal for you and did you have any medals ?  If you did, can you tell us what they were for and how old you were ?
Yes, age group nationals was a real goal and also competing overseas at the Australian age champs. I have won medals at NZ age groups/juniors from when I was 12 years old and at Australian age champs from when I was 14 (my first medal being a bronze in the 400 IM)

When things are getting tough and training isn’t going so well – what motivates you to stay in the sport ?
The dream of racing and competing on the world stage and the desire to be standing on the podium up against all of the best in the world!

Any advice for our up and coming young swimmers?
Always dream big, but make small goals on the way that you can keep on chipping away at in order to achieve your dream