Heads Up Cards

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Heads Up Cards

Lots of sports have a transitional period where young participants begin competing on smaller pitches, and with less emphasis on all the rules of the game.  But not swimming.  Ours is a sport where swimmers are subject to every stringent rule from their very first introduction to racing.

We have young swimmers, nervously standing on the starting blocks for the first time, trying to remember all the things their coach has told them about technique.  They wobble before the gun goes and next minute – they’re disqualified.

Talk about disheartening !!

To help minimise the impact of the ‘D’ word, we’ve developed ‘Heads Up’ Cards – they’re available for any of our Clubs to use at Club Nights or when they’re hosting a Carnival Meet.  The concept is simple – instead of being disqualified, the swimmer is given a ‘Heads Up’ Card, and a note encouraging them to have a chat to their Coach about their infringement.

You can see an example of our Freestyle ‘Heads Up’ card below. For a full set please contact us and we’ll post out to your club.


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