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Learn to Swim

Delivering swimming is something we’re very passionate about. We understand how important it is to be fit & healthy and we understand the importance of helping future generations of New Zealander’s enjoy spending time in the water – a resource that is so readily available in New Zealand.

We’re lucky enough to work alongside a capable and passionate swimming community that, through the clubs that operate in our region, deliver well planned swimming programmes to their own local communities. While it is not a priority for Swimming Waikato’s to deliver swimming lessons ourselves, we have a real interest in ensuring that young New Zealanders from all parts of our Region have access to lessons.

Each year, we work alongside Sport Waikato and Sport NZ to deliver a KiwiSport programme in schools with the goal of upskilling teachers in their swimming delivery and providing a pathway for swimmers into our Clubs. In a new initiative for Swimming Waikato, we have recently taken over a small swim school in Paeroa to ensure that entry level swimming lessons continue to be available to that local community.

To support our KiwiSport and Paeroa programmes, we have developed our own ‘Swimming for Life’ resources which are available to Waikato Clubs that deliver a Learn to Swim programme, and also to schools where we are delivering our KiwiSport programme and additional Teacher PD’s.

You can view our Swimming for Life resources by clicking on the links below, and if you’d like to book a Teacher PD session for your school, or order a laminated copy of our resources, please contact us.


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