Our Olympians

Nikita Howarth

What sports did you play when you were growing up ? 
I played football and I was a dancer

How old were you when you first started seriously training for swimming and can you share a few memories about those sessions ?
I was about nine, and trainings were tough. I trained about eight times a week

Why did you choose swimming ?
I chose it because I liked it and I was good

When you were an age group swimmer, was competing at national events a real goal for you and did you have any medals ?  If you did, can you tell us what they were for and how old you were ?
Yes it was tough competition and I got heaps of medals, too many to name. I was 11-14

When things are getting tough and training isn’t going so well – what motivates you to stay in the sport ?
I had to, and if I gave up people would just be disappointed

Any advice for our up and coming young swimmers?
Keep going, you will get there with hard work