Police Vetting

PLEASE BE AWARE it is now compulsory for all coaches nationally, and any team managers and Technical Officials attending National Events to be vetted. Please ensure that any of your members needing accreditation for access to pool deck at Nationals have a police vet no more than 3 years old, loaded into their Accreditations (see below on how to do this).

It is already a REQUIREMENT of Swimming Waikato Clubs to undertake Police Vetting for any of its members, either Coaching, Team Managing or of any persons who are responsible for the health and safety of your Club’s swimmers, at away meets or camps.

We have been advised that SNZ will recognise all existing completed vetting and will be adding a facility for clubs and regions to add this information to the SNZ database up until the 1st July 2021.This will remove the need to repeat the vetting process unnecessarily.

PLEASE NOTE: With the introduction of the new Coach classifications by Swimming NZ and NZSCTA, Clubs need to be aware that they are now responsible for police vetting their Assistant and Volunteer coaches- NZSCTA now only police vet coaches who have a full paying membership.

All clubs should now have an approved vetting agent who is authorised to undertake all vetting for the club, members wishing to complete the Police vetting process via their club may do so prior to the 1st July when the national system takes over and Club/Regional vetting will no longer take place (for those wanting to be pool side at national meets). If your club does not have an agent, Officials are asked to apply directly through the new SNZ Centralised system which is now up and running. You can find all the information on how to apply below.



As advised by SNZ, all existing Police Vet checks will be recognised and transferred over to the new National system once it is in place. It is therefore IMPERATIVE that vetting agents ensure that all vet checks undertaken by them which come back with “NO RESULT” are logged in the SNZ Database in the following manner (this can be done retrospectively if it has not already been completed):

  • Ensure person is a member on the SNZ Database, or load their details to the database
  • Click on the Accreditation tab on the grey bar and select Add Accreditation
  • Enter the member’s name and select from the drop down menu
  • Select the Club Police Vetted and Cleared Option and load the date (if the result of vetting is NO RESULT), select Approved and enter your name in the Assessor box- click Save

In regards to Technical Officials, please note that Swimming Waikato will process the police vetting forms for SW Technical Officials, who have not already been vetted by their clubs. If you have already police vetted your technical officials please update the accreditation details in the database as per above and let me know. I would suggest those technical officials, who plan to attend national meets in the next 3 years and who have not been vetted in the last 3 years by their club to go straight onto the Swimming New Zealand website and do the police vetting process through them.

Police Vetting – How to Process

Consent to Disclose Submission

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