Special Awards Nomination Form

Special Awards Nomination Form

Awards Nominations

Nominations will be accepted from  Swimming Waikato clubs who have completed each section of this application form and complied with the rules & criteria.

The Awards Panel needs to have as much detail as possible. Things that you should bring to the Panel’s attention in respect of Life Membership, Honours, Service and Merit are –

Length of service to your club or another club within the boundaries of Swimming Waikato Inc.
Volunteer work carried out for Waikato clubs.
Positions held within your or another club and Waikato levels.
Technical official qualifications and work carried out.
Current and future role within your club or Waikato.
Provide newspaper cutting if any available to support your nomination.
Anything else that you feel may be relevant.

Remember our Awards Panel may not know your nominee personally, so you need to provide in depth detail.

Please submit your nomination form
by 5pm on Tuesday 11th July 2023


Nomination Rules

The Following Rules must be followed for all applications:

The qualifying period for all awards is 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023. Nominations that refer to achievements or events outside of the qualifying period will not be accepted.

Nominators or nominees must be current members of Swimming Waikato.


Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed.




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