We have started the planning process for our 2021 Swimming Awards Evening.

The date for this year’s event is Saturday 28 August 2021 and we’ll provide you with more information about the event over the next month

What we need from you now are nominations for the following Awards –

  • Swimming Club of the Year
  • Swimming Volunteer of the Year
  • Regional Swimmer of the Year
  • NZ Swimming Trust Emerging Swimmer of the Year


You might remember that in 2019, we awarded two Swimming Club of the Year Awards – one to our top Performance Club, and one to an Emerging Club of the Year.   We will be presenting both these Awards again in 2021 and our Awards Panel, in conjunction with Swimming Waikato, will assess each nomination to decide if the Clubs fall within the Performance or Emerging category.  To our smaller Clubs – this means you have the opportunity to be recognised for the fantastic work you are doing in your local communities so please make sure you nominate yourselves !

We’re also looking for nominations for our Special Awards –

  • Life Membership
  • Honours Award
  • Service Award
  • Merit Award


Swim Waikato Awards – Guide to applying for these awards

Life Membership:                  

Swimming Waikato may elect to Life Membership of Swim Waikato any person who in the opinion of Swimming Waikato has rendered conspicuous service over a long period of time.

A candidate for Life Membership may be nominated by Swimming Waikato or may be nominated by a club in writing to Swimming Waikato setting out fully the grounds on which such nomination is made. Election to Life Membership of Swimming Waikato may be made by the Board of Swimming Waikato and ratification of this award to be incorporated into the Annual General Meeting Minutes.

In depth information covering service – positions held within Club/Region/New Zealand, work carried out for club etc. will be required.

Honours Award:        

To be eligible for a Waikato Honours Award the holder must have served an additional five (5) years since receiving the Waikato Service Award.

Service Award:

This award is to recognise service to swimming in the region for a period of approximately eight (8) years under similar criteria to the rules of SNZ.

Merit Award: 

For conspicuous service under the time frame required for a Service Award.

Our nomination forms can be found on our website using the following links :



The closing date for nominations is 5.00pm on Friday16 July 2021.